Rent needed for sober house

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Rent needed for sober house

Post by Dennis » Fri May 16, 2014 6:47 pm

I need to find a safe room for me. I am a disabled 43 year old on SSDI. I can ill-afford first month and security and need help, am in a sober house at the moment my former companion of 14 years found for me as I just moved back here from Las Vegas.

I get paid around $900/month on the third of each month. This Sober House didn’t tell her of the fee's involved and now I owe a weeks rent because of a process fee. They have not had heat here for 5 days and the hot water is sporadic at best. They have had 2 years to install a fire-sprinkler system and haven’t done so and they only have until Dec. 31 to do so. Am afraid we will all be evicted and this place shut down. I have never lived on the street! Am very afraid, please, any help would be appreciated! God Bless.

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