detroit housing - I need a place

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detroit housing - I need a place

Postby ILoveMyHorse » Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:53 am

April 30, 2018: Dear sir or madam; I am reaching out to you for possible resources or assistance. I vacated my apartment in October 2017 due to an infestation of mice and bed bugs. I resided in what was supposed to be a luxury high rise off the Jefferson in Detroit.
The day that I saw the first mouse, I became a nervous wreck. I had a neighbor place traps due to the timing being after hours. I left my home that evening and contacted management that morning. The maintenance team entered my individual unit and placed another trap and applied steel wool behind the stove. I remained out of my home; as maintenance was checking traps daily for rodent activity. There were more mice found within a couple of weeks and more steel wool applied under the stove. I came to the apartment on occasion to gather more clothing and things that I needed.
After weeks of being out of my apartment, I inquired to management about moving to another apartment. I was granted to move into another unit, however, there would be duration for an available unit to be move-in ready. I was given a tour of the possible unit which was on the 23rd floor. At the time of the showing, the possible unit had visible mice drippings along the walls. At this point, I was extremely dissatisfied. I scheduled a meeting with the property supervisor in hopes to terminate my lease.
I asked to terminate my lease without penalty, relocation expenses and my security deposit back. Per the property supervisor, my only offers were to move in another unit or termination of lease without penalty. I chose to vacate. This situation has had my life in a state of emergency. I had been living in my apartment for approximately 4 years. My apartment was my peace and tranquility. I enjoyed the view of the Detroit.

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Re: detroit housing - I need a place

Postby Oneistheonly » Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:35 pm

My catch 22 situation is this. I was just approved by a private homeowner to rent his available unit in Detroit. At the same time, until I was given the okay, I exhausted the remainder of my funds by paying for a place to stay. A month ago I had enough money to pay for 1st month and security deposit but I did not have an offer to rent. Everything about this apartment is ideal. The location is on the Detroit bus line and in walking distance to my job. The rent is very affordable. I desperately need help with paying the security deposit to this landlord so that he doesn't start screening applicants again. I really need to be situated before the cold weather is here. My monthly disability benefit covers the monthly rent. Please help me. I can provide any information necessary to validate my need and current homeless situation. Thank you for being a resource,

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