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Mortgage modification for a veteran to stop a foreclosure

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 11:55 am
by shaf_Mercardo
Hello.  I am trying to find any help for my neighbor who is a veteran. Her story is unique to me for the foreclosure because it was not due to her own negligence. She was unable to modify her mortgage. This woman had the funds to make her house payments and not be in this situation however, she had a major illness in which she almost died.
As time went on with some recovery her family life was change drastically. Her medical condition caused her to go back into a little child state and her spouse stood by her for what seem the most part than one day he decided that the marriage was over and this started the land slide to her current situation. Finance for her medical condition that should have been there to take care of her left with the spouse. She tried since 2009 to get her mortgage modified through the same banking institution that foreclosed on her as well as a company that worked alongside of the bank as well. This woman would submit the requested documents only to be given the run around we did not get this form or that form. Remind you this was a Veteran who outside of her medical condition and is still very detailed have given them what they needed each and every time.
The woman gave them her divorced decree a copy of her quick claim deed that was signed to her in the divorce by her husband but the bank continued to as over and over for his financial information which she had no access to and this is just a small example of what she has gone through. The details are even deeper than what I have written. She has had someone show up on her door step on a Saturday to tell her that the bank is selling her house on a Tuesday she call the bank and they say that are not aware of who would have done that because we are still working on your modification.
Well recently she has received a letter saying that they have sold her mortgage to a management company while she is still waiting on them to modify her mortgage payments. We know the world’s financial situation is not you’re to take on but if you have any Charities that are willing to help Please help my friend.
She is in the first stage and the sad part of it all sir/Mam is not the saving of the house as we want a building saving of her home is a lifesaving thing for her. Sir/Mam just in the last couple of years this woman has been able to walk out of her house and go to the mailbox without having to have someone on the other end of the phone. Sir/Mam when you hear a bump in the night in your home either someone have dropped something or someone has entered without an invite. This woman because of her trauma this house has given her security as we take for granted. All because the modification that veterans should get failed. I pray that you could please help my friend or have some organization to help.
We have gone so NACA, the VA as a veteran they cannot do anything until she is on the street and then a transitional home with up to several people in the same space. This woman cannot function in that kind of environment. Sir/Mam I do not know what you all if anything at all to help but I have always heard nothing beats a failure but a try and I have heard yes all my life as well as no. I write this because whatever the answer is she will not know if it does not look favorably to her she cannot take to many rejections I really fear for her even though she has strong faith lately she has said she feels really weary.

Re: Mortgage modification for a veteran to stop a foreclosure

Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2021 11:11 am
by Admin
There is a miltary and veteran mortgage program.
It can give you access to financing, loan modifications, counseling, as well as other foreclosure help. It is a wide range of solutions from the Military Homeowner program.