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Taxes and reverse mortgage

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:54 am
by Greenwich
Dear Sir. I am a man of 77 years old. I am on a fixed income and need help paying bills. I owe money to RMS (Reverse Mortgage Services) because they paid taxes for me. I owe money to the IRS. I owe money to credit companies and I just don't know how I can ever catch up with the bills.
I need to pay the new taxes on my home from MUD and School taxes and the State property taxes. I have no car and I need one, but my score is not good and the payments on a car would be too high for me. Then the insurance on a car is too high. (Why I don't know).
I need help with food. I just hope that there is someone out there will or could help me out. Please send me email on this, thank you.