Mortgage, medical, and Wells Fargo disaster

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Mortgage, medical, and Wells Fargo disaster

Postby Superaging » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:11 pm


I went through all of this and couldn't locate anywhere to apply and my situation is really urgent. My lender has put me in FC and very illegally and while I had no choice but to do a short sale. It's a very long story and is with several congressional offices and they are being difficult and not replying to any of the fraudulent things they have done / said and just so much.
The issue is while waiting on a contract I did get and was in process with (this is Wells Fargo ) they are known for very unlawful practices, I was told I would get relocation assistance / same as keeping My home in the same condition and perfect condition, keeping up with all maintaining, paying all bills, etc. Well they ended up saying it would be $3K, then $2238, 3K again, 10K HAFA and finally most likely $0 and I could be taxed on the variance, judgements from HUD and could be sued by WF and they all reserve that right. I requested them to place the FC on hold because my electric bill on a 1256 square foot home was over $240 / month and I just stopped paying my internet / TV / phone so am being sued by Cox Communications, and the bottom line is WF is doing really bad things and I'm not sure what the status is since today is Sunday but I cancelled my contract last week because I located a state program that helps you modify almost your loan and WF never did that, however WF isn't responding even though I'm approved at the state level.
It's so stressful and complicated but I'm on medical disability and had several medical bills and prescriptions and I don't have RX coverage. I had other expenses come up all at once and unreal issues I could never begin to explain. I just am looking to get assistance with two electric bills because need to have that kept on and the last three months have only paid partial and I called them and they said I don't meet their requirements for assistance. While it may sound so strange in the big scheme of things but my dog was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease in May and since than the tests and ongoing blood work, medications and very terrible side effects and it's already added up to $4K and my sister and mom opened up a care card at the vet hospital and my mom has no money literally and now in debt at 72 with multiple sclerosis and is scared. I have $44 until 10/3/2017 and have two electric bills that will get me caught up that I believe total approximately $290, one water bill that is $96, and a gas bill this is $17 but I have 3 RX to fill and no idea how I will do that before 10/3/2017.
I just don't understand if you assist or I search through all of this but don't find anywhere for help and thought you assist. This is just an emergency one time request and it's the bare minimum.
I am in need of so much in this month did to all of the Wells Fargo mortgage disaster and medical and other things that just are wrong but happened left and right. I normally don't drive much and can fill my gas up every 3 weeks but have had to go fax and spend money doing so to Wells Fargo of documentation which is so critical, take my mom to several dr. appointments, myself to the dr. I had cancelled my weekly psychologist appointment until I can get through this to save money yet it's critical I see him, I had to see my psychiatric nurse practitioner for sure and discuss my medications and asked if I could cut back on some because need to move forward and try and become back to normal and I was going off one which started 2 months ago and the last appointment which was last week she said this is too much. She hasn't seen me like this in so long and made me go back to that medication and increase another one.
I suffer severe panic / anxiety disorder and I've had a panic attack at least 3 days a week during this process and its torture but I'm tired of living on medication. It just goes on and I'm in the worst position ever and never imagined would be in and just asking for those few bills to be paid somehow.
I meant to say I have been filling up my gas weekly which I'm not used to and buying RX medication for my dog and I barely eat. He's the love of my life and you can't just throw a dog away but there are tests he needs and I can't do and he could be daily in a life threatening issue until I can get those done which I just can't see. I'm suddenly so behind and desperately need help with those bills so anything that can be done so I'm keeping up with my utility bills would mean the world. I'm in Arizona
Thank you,

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