Legal aid for my mortgage

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Legal aid for my mortgage

Post by Dumas » Sat Nov 07, 2015 2:52 pm

Need legal assistance, mortgage assistance. I had wrongful termination and now behind on mortgage and everything else. I have had 3 back surgeries, in chronic pain and need to file for disability. Old workers comp medical claim lost my health insurance through my employer. I now have to see workers comp Doctor & he’s not giving me what my Doctor was.
I can't function drawing unemployment but employer lied as to why they terminated me. I had to file appeal and they reversed their decision, but not enough to pay mortgage, car payment, or utilities. Employer thought I was going to file a workers comp claim for my neck & shoulder. But I Informed my supervisor in January after I received my employment contract for 2015, then they give me a 90 day notice to improve my production.
I was doing check advance January thru April, as that is income tax time & everyone pays out during that time. But still I received Awards for December, January, February, & March for gaining most accounts & Awards for most new loans. They terminated me April 30th and said because of production. I was employed for 12 1/2 years and I was a manager.
They paid my health insurance. In January they were paying $620 a month for my insurance, $220 more than last year & I was told by human resource Cobra was 620 a month. Insurance Company mailed me Cobra details & it said $594 a month for Cobra.
I need to file bankruptcy and 4 months behind on mortgage. It is too late to get Cobra. I have a 2nd mortgage and 4 months behind. Not sure what to do???
Waiting for complaint form from TN Human Rights Commission. My employer owes me 3 weeks’ vacation pay as they didn't pay me. I have no family or friends to help me with anything. I've always been there for family, friends, customers & always helped even when I really shouldn't of. Now my family doesn't know me.
I'm depressed and have anxiety. I Was on medication but since I lost my job I lost health insurance now can't get proper medications for depression, anxiety & my back pain. Workers comp been seeing their Dr. Last 2 months. But he’s only concerned with saving the insurance company money and not trying to help me out of pain so I can function.

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Re: Legal aid for my mortgage

Post by TiLauna » Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:27 pm

Our 18 year old son is disabled and I am turning 62 in December. We need help legal help, money for paying our mortgage and other expenses. Unfortunately, I did not see Wyoming on most of the lists for legal assistance. Help please! We don't want to lose our home.
We have just learned that our roof needs to replace due to the T-lock shingles, and was wondering if we could get a grant or something for that. Right now we have NO income coming in.

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