Homebuyer looking for repairs so can buy

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Homebuyer looking for repairs so can buy

Postby Fleecesweaters » Fri Aug 21, 2015 5:22 pm

I tried to look on the internet but I did not see LaRue County KY. I am a single mother, six children, sole provider as the child support does not come in as long as the EX is unemployed.
I have a full time job and I am trying to purchase a home. However this home is older and is need of repair but it is the best I can do. This home currently has a fuel oil heat source which as we know will cost more than the house payment to use monthly. I have gotten estimates to have an all electric system installed and I am looking at $5500.00 which I do not have. I have scraped and borrowed and begged for all the money I needed to come up with to buy the home so I have no where else to get funds. I heard there might be grants for heating and cooling and home repairs. Please look into my case and let me know what I am eligible for; I am in the system as my children get health insurance assistance but that is all we can get. No food or any other help as I am working and supporting my children so I do not qualify but some help would be GREATLY appreciated and is NEEDED!!!!!!

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