Struggling with investment property

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Struggling with investment property

Postby Tairod » Sat Apr 18, 2015 10:33 am

I recently purchased a home. I started out applying for an USDA loan but was told my income was too low to qualify. BUT I did qualify for a FHA loan with a huge payment. My mother died and left two duplexes which are in probate. When I bought my home I rented out the unit my children and I lived in. This was in January. The people I rented to are waiting for the VA to come through with the husbands retirement income.
I was mislead by these people and scattered enough at the time to not realize that they were getting one over on me. The income from that rental unit (or I should say) lack there of has been causing me financial hardship while these people give me the run around. Then they plugged up the septic and I had to put out extra money to get it pumped out. Because they got me to believe they had applied and been approved for assistance from several sources, which I have hit a point where I can not cover the payment on one building or my utilities at home this month.
My daughter had an accident in my car putting it into a ditch a couple of months back so now the rubber boots on both front wheels are toast and my tires are bare so my car is not safe to drive. I can't even get to the duplexes to serve an eviction notice to start the process of getting the non-paying tenants out since I live 100 miles away. These people are behind to the tune of $4,640.
I have an 14 year old and a 8 year old at home and have been caring for a 5 year old boy whose mother hasn't been able to provide for. I have NO family. Nor do I know anyone with any money that I could borrow from. The way this whole situation is snowballing I am going to lose my home and both duplexes and my three dependents and myself are going to end up in the street. My husband (who died a little over five years ago) was a veteran but I am not finding any programs through the veterans programs or any other assistance programs that I might be able to turn to. I have been self employed in the past which has supplemented our income but have been so strapped since moving I haven't been able to advertise but am finding that at 55 people are no longer inclined to hire me to do physical labor even though I am quite fit enough.
I have a possible out through doing a refinance on one of the two duplexes but won't be able to qualify if the mortgage payment is in arrears and my utilities are shut off! The area I now live in is located 15 miles from the nearest town so now due to the repairs that are needed on my car I am literally stranded unless I take a bus to town. The bus runs out here Monday thru Friday at 7 am 12 pm and 6 pm.

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