Bank of America is not helping me with my mortgage

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Bank of America is not helping me with my mortgage

Postby Lebron » Fri Sep 06, 2013 9:36 pm

Hi, I am in desperate need of any assistance that you may offer me. I am on social security disability with limited income. I have been fighting with Bank of America to save my house. My loan was lost by them and have been extremely confused by all the paperwork that they have been sending. I have filled out the same paperwork over and over that they send and it still does not seem to be what they want. I am at the point of losing my home and do not know how to save it. The phone calls just kept coming and I now longer know what to say to them. Between battling my disease and consequent health issues, I do not have the necessary skills and knowledge to kept fighting. One lawyer advised me to fill bankrupt even though my I have more then approx 1000.00 in debt (mostly medical bills). I have been trying for almost 3 years to work with them and nothing seems to be happening.
Also my roof was damaged in the storm and with not meeting the deductible, I received no assistance from my insurance company. Now my policy is being canceled, because I have a tarp on my roof to protect the house, because I have no resources to fix the roof.
If you are able to assistance me in anyway, please contact me. I live in Brick NJ which is in Ocean County.

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