Help paying Reverse Mortg and need Help with Security Deposi

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Help paying Reverse Mortg and need Help with Security Deposi

Postby Luigi » Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:54 am

I am trying to find help paying Utility Bills, my Mortgage and Security Deposit and 1st Month

The house I am in for right now is tied up with Reverse Mortgages, Foreclosure, Liens, etc. My grandmother

had the 1st Reverse Mortgage. She passed away. Then the house was left to my mother and aunt. My

mother passed away the same year as my grandmother. Then the house went in my father's name for a

Reverse Mortgage. Then he has passed away. The mortgage people where my grandmother had the

Reverse Mortgage started Foreclosure Proceedings. Anyway the house with my father's name on it has liens

and everything up against it. The house is for sale

and the mortgage company with the first Reverse Mortgage is trying to see if it gets sold so they can get

there money. The Reverse Mortgage is so high . Right now because of the foreclosure it is in a quick sale

that the mortgage company wanted. Me and my sister looks like we have to be moved by April 1st.

We will be looking at a place in Lakewood New Jersey that it looks like we may get. We could not find any

place in Monmouth County that is affordable. Any help that you can give us would be appreciated. I need

help with Security Deposit and 1st month rent.

The utility bills are high because they were in my grandmother's name and she was on a budget so I finally

had to put them in my name for them to talk to me. They added all here bill amounts on my bill.

Thank You

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Re: Help paying Reverse Mortg and need Help with Security De

Postby Admin » Sat Apr 23, 2011 7:53 pm

What with all the references to reverse mortgages? Whatever it is, here is a comprehensive listing of mortgage programs that can help the low income. Not sure about with security deposits, but go to the nav bar on the left margin for rental programs.

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