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by Master12
Tue May 12, 2020 1:15 pm
Forum: Grants
Topic: Home Improvement/Repair Grants
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Re: Home Improvement/Repair Grants

Really need help getting caught up on my bills. Please I need to move out of the house that has leaks in roof, into the light fixtures, mold, rodents living in crawl space, broken windows, etc., all things our landlord still hasn't fixed. Are there repair grants?
by Master12
Fri Dec 27, 2019 11:23 am
Forum: Free Health Care
Topic: Colon cancer, had surgery, and need help
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Re: Colon cancer, had surgery, and need help

Hello, I am writing on behalf of myself and my husband. He is fighting colorectal cancer, and unfortunately, we are in a very difficult time financially and can't pay for the surgery. I am wearing broken glasses and Ronald has none. I've received help from you all before and have read a whole bunch ...
by Master12
Sun Nov 24, 2019 5:04 pm
Forum: Help With Utility Bills
Topic: HVAC unit needs repairs
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Re: HVAC unit needs repairs

Hello, My air HVAC conditioner just broke last week. I had a repair person quote for a new unit in which they noticed 2 cracks in my heat exchanger, so he has now turned off my heater as well, so I have no air conditioner or heater in my home or HVAC system. It’s been very hot recently and winter is...
by Master12
Fri Sep 27, 2019 5:57 pm
Forum: Extra Income
Topic: Your job opportunities with wonderful company
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Re: Your job opportunities with wonderful company

Good Afternoon. On your wonderful company site, you indicated that you are looking for content contributors. I am currently senior attending University for my bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and seeking opportunities for content jobs. I am a decent writer and would be interested in trying my hand at...
by Master12
Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:02 am
Forum: Help With Rent
Topic: Moving and deposit
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Re: Moving and deposit

Hi, I'm trying to help my girlfriend. She is trying to get a voucher for a motel cause she is currently homeless. She was staying at a motel but she ran out of cash. She is on disability and where I live I stay with my mom and she is only a loud a guest for 21 days. And my Girl has been here past th...
by Master12
Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:33 am
Forum: General Help
Topic: Lying and taking advantage of benefits
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Re: Lying and taking advantage of benefits

I have received a 48 hour notice from PG&E and I am in fear of being evicted. I work 32-40 hours a week however, I am a temp. Worker and do not have medical benefits and my hours are inconsistent. My bills are mounting and I don't know how to get out of my current situation, and I do not want to tak...
by Master12
Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:15 am
Forum: General Help
Topic: Seeking debt consolidation
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Re: Seeking debt consolidation

In need of help to consolidate my debts to pay for a car. I am a worker as well as a caregiver of family members. My income is just enough for me to live, but now my car broke down. My spirits broke down with my automobile and these excessive debts I need help with. I don't know who to make it at th...
by Master12
Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:57 am
Forum: Help With Debt
Topic: Need better credit scores to rent an apartment
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Re: Need better credit scores to rent an apartment

I am a 28 year old single female, who pretty much lost everything along with my career job in 2008. Since then I have lived with family members and worked a dozen low paying jobs, as a result my credit is pretty bad and soon I will have no place to live once my aunt moves. I'm not complaining. I jus...
by Master12
Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:55 am
Forum: Help With Mortgages
Topic: Mortgage on my trailer
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Re: Mortgage on my trailer

Ladies and Gentlemen: My wife and I currently live in Portland Oregon. We are both *disabled* and both have a combined very low-income (we receive /combined/ *SSI* benefits of $1,248 monthly as our /only/ source of income; along with food stamps and Medicaid). We have bad credit and no other source ...
by Master12
Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:52 am
Forum: Help With Rent
Topic: Security deposit help
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Re: Security deposit help

My boyfriend and I are expecting or first child this month and we currently live in a small 1 bedroom. We had money saved up for a security deposit and money for expenses while I am on maternity leave. We had several surprise expenses that totaled about $6000 and now we have no money saved for a dep...