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by mickmcguire72
Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:51 pm
Forum: General Help
Topic: Domestic Violence
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Domestic Violence and Husband left me with bills

I have recently had a series of unfortunate events that has rendered my life a traumatizing situation. I am a science teacher, currently in a domestic violence shelter, fighting for custody of my children. I have an astronomical amount of bills that I have to pay. It is imperative that I be in an ap...
by mickmcguire72
Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:50 pm
Forum: Help With Utility Bills
Topic: Utility deposit
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Utility deposit

I was told maybe you know how to help me, I am liiving with my son n family and 4 grandkids, the main heat n hot water is propane here, and the stove also, to get it up and running i need 206 dollars, but i dont have the money for the deposit at this time, and its starting to cool off here in scenic...
by mickmcguire72
Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:08 am
Forum: General Help
Topic: Problems paying bills as laid off
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Laid off and falling behind on bills and rent

Ohio Hello, my name is sherry. My husband has been laid off for over a year now. We have been recieving unemployment and assistance with food. I have a gas bill that is 900 dollars and can find no way of paying it. I have trid my hardest to keep up with the bills but it seems like there is never eno...
by mickmcguire72
Sat Jul 03, 2010 3:36 pm
Forum: Assistance Programs
Topic: Water service turned off
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Water service turned off

I have 3 small children and I am pregnant. I went into preterm labor and was put out of work. I didnt have an income for a week and our water bill was due. It got turned off and we dont have the money to have it turned back on I am working again but wont get paid until 2 weks from now. I honestly do...
by mickmcguire72
Wed Jun 30, 2010 5:14 am
Forum: Help With Rent
Topic: Need help with rent/deposit
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Looking for help with security deposit and rent

Hello, My name is Dawn I am looking for help with a security deposit to be able to rent a bigger apartment. My son and I live in a studio apartment and I can afford the rent but because I pretty much paycheck to paycheck I have a hard time saving up for a deposit for a bigger place to rent. My son i...
by mickmcguire72
Sun Aug 23, 2009 6:41 am
Forum: Help With Utility Bills
Topic: Help With Utility Bill
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Dire need of help paying electric bills

In dire need of help with $800.00 electric bill. Need to pay it before August 25 or will be turned off. My husband is permanently disabled and just had two major spine surgeries. The electric company did offer payments of $300.00 every two weeks, but I can't afford that. I have called United Way, Ca...
by mickmcguire72
Sat Mar 28, 2009 5:59 am
Forum: Assistance Programs
Topic: Assistance programs in Texas
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Assistance programs in Texas

Whare do I go for help in texas, specifically in the Dallas Texas area. I need help with rent, utility bills, food, and basically everything. Even my car. Any grants or assistance you can throw my way would be much appreciated. I am not feeling that well right now, and my job is always iffy. I never...
by mickmcguire72
Tue Feb 17, 2009 6:01 pm
Forum: Extra Income
Topic: Get Paid to Try Sites
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Get Paid to Try Sites

Hi, Anyone ever use these sites before, like cash crate, fusioncahs and more? I have signed up for a few and am making alittle cash (seems easy) but is there some type of catch? Seems likle ABC news wrote a good article on them as well.