Who uses the needhelppayingbills site – demographics?

As I am sure everyone knows there  has been ton of coverage around internet privacy, protection of consumer rights, etc. We do have some very basic demographic information on who uses this site, and I wanted to share it. This is the extent of what we have…no more or no less. We do not have data like the controversial companies such as Facebook, google, or twitter. What is below is the extent of it.

Gender demographics:

Over the last 30 days, the traffic was made up of ~70% females and 30% males. While we do not look at this data consistently on a daily basis. Or even monthly or quarterly, but from the few times we glance at the demographics we would say the gender breakout is pretty consistent to the 70/30 ratio.

Why do twice as many women use the site as men? We do not know. But if  we had to guess, one big reason for the higher female usage is due to the hardships often faced by single moms and their higher poverty rates. Maybe also the gender income gap and females being underpaid/not valued in the workplace as they should be also comes into play, which we also wrote about.

A third reason may be (and we say this only half-jokingly) is that men are stereotypically hesitant to ask for help…as the somewhat ridiculous male “pride” (err…stupidity for those who have this pride) comes into play. Like male drivers would never pull off the side of the road if they are lost to ask someone for directions…male pride such as that. While ridiculous I know, maybe the data shows that there is truth to that stereotype, but that is just my opinion.

But we are totally speculating here on the reason why so many more females use needhelppayingbills. We do not ask users for any data or why they are on the site.

Ages demographics:

We included the age of visitors as well as what the US average is for comparison sake.

18 to 24 year old – 12% (US Avg per census data 9%)
25 – 34 year old – 31% (US Avg per census data 12%)
35 – 44 year old – 22% (see line item below)
45 – 54 year old – 17% (US Avg per census data for ages 35-54 26%)
55 – 64 year old – 12% (US Avg per census data 13%)
65 + years old – 5% ((US Avg per census data 15%)

Visitors overall interests, passions, and lifestyle:

We have this demographic data in broad categories. Google determines how to create/classify this data. For needhelppayingbills.com, the top 10 breakdown is:

Food & Dining/Fast Food Cravers – 4.44%
Lifestyles & Hobbies/Family-Focused – (4.38%
Food & Dining/Cooking Enthusiasts/30 Minute Chefs – 4.32%
Lifestyles & Hobbies/Pet Lovers – 4.26%
Media & Entertainment/TV Lovers – 3.95%
News & Politics/News Junkies/Entertainment & Celebrity News Junkies – 3.55%
Shoppers/Value Shoppers – 3.45%
Technology/Mobile Enthusiasts – 3.44%
Technology/Social Media Enthusiasts – 3.40%
Shoppers/Bargain Hunters – 3.39%

This is all the demographic data we have. Now of course google, facebook, advertisers, and many other companies have much more than that. What do readers think of this data? Please just let us know if any questions or thoughts on who use this site and why you think that may be.

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