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Ways to Earn Money While Staying Home Due to the Coronavirus

With millions of people out of work, working reduced hours or spending much more at home to get through the coronavirus pandemic, many find themselves running short of money, but with a lot of extra time to fill. There are some simple, quick things to do to make money at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. The job loss and income reductions have hit service workers the most, and many of them lived check to check even prior to COVID.

Temporary jobs outside the home can be found for those willing to be delivery drivers, ride share drivers, grocery store workers and warehouse staff for companies like Amazon. For those preferring to remain home during the pandemic, there are opportunities available that have little upfront cost and can provide some needed cash while waiting for the economy to recover.

Opening an online retail shop, completing opinion surveys and tutoring students about subjects in which you feel proficient are a few options to make extra money during the Coronavirus pandemic. Other possibilities include serving as an online juror, writing resumes and transcribing audio files. If you have a skill or talent, you can usually find an online outlet through which you can share your skill and earn a little needed income.

1. Sell on eBay. Now is a great time to go through your home, clean out the closets and make money selling old clothes, books, records, kitchen gadgets, DVDs and other items you don’t use or need. Since you are most likely spending more time at home as COVID passes through the economy and populace, cleaning and organizing are great to do! Through the end of November, eBay is offering a special promotion allowing people to set up a new basic store free of charge. Store subscription costs as well as listing fees and final value fees on up to 500 orders are being waived.

Normally, eBay basic store owners pay $27.95 a month for a subscription plus final value fees ranging from 6-12%, depending on the item sold. If you ever wanted to try your online retailing skills, now is the time to give it a shot risk-free. Get more details on how to begin selling on eBay free of charge at pages.ebay.com/upandrunning. Find more details on selling items online.

2. Internet surveys. If you love giving your opinion on products or issues, completing online surveys can easily fill your free time during Coronavirus and provide some small but useful financial rewards. A few examples include Qmee, SurveyMonkey, Survey Junkie and Valued Opinions. Qmee lets you earn cash simply by searching your favorite sites and completing paid surveys. Survey Junkie posts new opinion surveys daily that require between 3 and 60 minutes to complete. Usually, the longer the survey, the more points you earn. Once you reach enough points for a payout, funds are provided via Paypal or e-gift cards.

3. Online Tutoring. Numerous opportunities exist to tutor students in a variety of subjects ranging from English and history to math, science, computer programming and engineering. with more students learning from home during COVID lockdowns and social distancing rules, there is a need. Chegg.com lets you choose the subject, and you can earn extra money for tutoring in high-demand subjects. You choose how often you want to tutor and get paid weekly. Tutor.com lets you sign-up for free and choose from a large number of posted tutor requests. The requests typically specify the subjects, age range of the student and how often tutoring is needed. You set your hourly rate.

VIPKid is looking for online tutors to teach English to students in China, as Coronavirus also has impacted students in China. There is no requirement that you speak Chinese. You choose when to tutor and build your own schedule. An interactive learning platform eliminates lesson planning. Pay rates range between $15-22 per hour. Many online tutoring jobs can also be found via Indeed.com and Glassdoor.com.

4. Resume Writing. An attractive, efficient resume is often the key that opens the door to potential jobs. Resume writers are constantly in high demand, and that will likely increase as the coronavirus pandemic eases and many people look for new employment. Numerous sites frequently hire new writers. These can be found through Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter and Upwork. Writers often earn $100-400 per resume, depending on experience and resume requirements. More on online tutoring jobs.

5. Become an online juror during Coronavirus pandemic. Presenting the facts of legal cases in a summary fashion and asking online jurors for feedback is becoming increasingly popular in the legal field. There are more opportunities as many courts are during more remote work during COVID outbreaks.

The information is provided to attorneys who use it to refine and strengthen their cases and to determine attitudes and opinions about the case facts. You usually get to choose the type of case to review. Online jurors come from all walks of life, and the only real requirement is being a U.S. citizen over the age of 18. Sites looking for online jurors include Onlineverdict.com, ejury.com and JuryTest.net. Continue with online jurors.

6. Transcribing audio files. If you have good typing skills, transcribing audio files is an excellent way to earn money on a flexible schedule. You will be sent an audio file by e-mail and you simply send back the written text when complete. Payment is usually based on audio minutes transcribed and not on the actual minutes it takes to do the work. The faster you type, the more you can earn. Among companies looking for freelance transcribers are CastingWords, GMR Transcription, TranscribeMe and Rev.com.

You may also find work at home jobs through websites like Upwork and Fiverr. There is increased hiring during Coronavirus. Rates vary by company, but depending on the effort and time you put in, you could earn from several hundred to well over a thousand dollars per month.

Long term employment impacts from Coronavirus

The coronavirus is likely to change the job market over the long term as well, with more employment becoming available via telecommuting to reduce physical workplace populations. As at home work has some pros, as COVID pandemic has shown. Office assistants, customer service representatives, bookkeepers, travel agents, tax preparers, family therapists and even nurses and other medical providers are among the types of workers likely to see increases in remote employment. For those willing to adapt or looking to work from home, there will be new career opportunities along with increased workplace flexibility in the post-virus economy.


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