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I have been thinking a lot about trust lately and also throughout last fall and this year, and how it is so critical in business, personal relationships and life in general. Trust applies to our readers, those seeking assistance from needhelppayingbills, personal matters, and just general “life”.

Trust impacts so much in life, both business and personal. There are even some studies that indicate it plays a part in poverty. From time to time we receive emails saying someone was scammed, robbed, their partners/spouses stole their money or drained bank accounts, their spouse ran off with someone else and took the money, investments went bad, etc. All sorts of issues in which trust is the number one factor or way up there on the list.

Many of those emails have a trust factor in them, as does so much more in life ranging from friendships to relationships, business partnerships, career progression and more. We have also blogged about lying, missed opportunities, people who put up fake fronts of wealth, and other trust related concepts.

Trust is extremely important. As just a few examples….It is impossible to establish a relationship (business or personal) when there has been no past trust developed or earned and there is no effort to even try to earn it. It is foolish to invest money with a financial advisor whom you do not trust. It is impossible to establish a business with a partner when there has been no trust developed or earned between the partners. If an potential employer does not trust you, or your boss in a current role doesn’t, then you probably will not get hired for a job or promoted. Without trust and when faced with lies, not much of anything can be established, built or accomplished. And without effort to build or correct broken trust, which is so hard to do in itself especially when subsequent efforts also fail, not much can be accomplished.

Trust flows to so much, even something as simple as everyday shopping. As some examples, are you going to buy a TV from a company with past quality issues that no shoppers trust? Or a store that is on the verge of bankruptcy (such as Sears) that may not be there to support a warranty? Or are you going to shop online and give your credit card information to a “non-secured https” website. Or go to a doctor who operates in a run down, dirty facility that you do not trust? As you can see, trust comes into play on probably a daily basis on decisions that people make.

We also get emails from people who have fallen for scams. Over the years we have probably received hundreds of them. It is unfortunate and often very sad, and it could be a work from home scam, some form of debt or bill consolidation scam, IRS, Robocalls or others. We also have a forum poll on this topic. https://www.needhelppayingbills.com/helpwithbills/viewtopic.php?t=6897

While we are sure each scam situation is different, and will never know all the exact details, many of these people who fell for the scams were probably too trusting. Note we have tips on how to avoid scams.

We get a number of emails from personal and relationship issues caused by broken trust and/or lies, such as one partner stealing from another, divorces, separations, businesses and families being broken apart from trust type issues, and more. Even searching in our forum for key words is a small sampling of them. Here is but one examples. https://www.needhelppayingbills.com/helpwithbills/search.php?keywords=divorce

A number of these would be due to no trust and/or broken trust that could not be restored; as it is so difficult to do that. Many professionals say never having trust (as it must be earned), or broken trust, is the number one reason a relationship can’t start or that one fails. As if one party lies, steals, scams, etc. then trust can’t be built. And if no effort is ever made then trust does not happen.


Trust may also be a part of the wealth and poverty divide in the world. There have been studies down over the years, including this one in the UK, indicates that the wealth and income gap, and poverty, contributes substantially to mistrust. So the “poor” do not trust people with money and the people with money do not trust the “poor”. Interesting concept…. From the study “”Basically it is poverty not race that makes people uneasy and not trust each other,””. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2010/nov/28/poverty-race-diversity-trust-study

Trust also comes into play with charitable donations. Are readers aware of the recent gofundme campaign in New Jersey in which a supposedly “homeless man” and a NJ resident scammed people of 400K. We hope you did not donate to it! ☹ Or the Wounded Warrior Project charity in which 40%+ of the donations went to management, parties, and other wasteful events. Before donating or volunteering anywhere, do your due diligence to make sure the cause is trustworthy and legitimate. Use a research site such as charitynavigator.

Trust is an interesting topic in life and for me on a personal level, especially the last 12-13 months roller coaster of a year. It is also relevant for what we do here at needhelppayingbills. As we wrote about in the past, many of our blog entries have to do with personal matters as well as business, overcoming challenges, low income resources, financial matters and more. As many personal issues and topics are also relevant to business, and they tend to be correlated, such as trust.


Jon McNamara is the CEO of needhelppayingbills.com, a company that he started in 2008 and that specializes in helping low income families as well as those who are in a financial hardship. He also found NHPB LLC, a company committed to helping the less fortunate. Jon and his team also provide free financial advice to help people learn about as well as manage their money. Every piece of content on this website has been reviewed by him before publishing and many of the articles he has personally written. Jon is the leading author for needhelppayingbils.

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