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Over the last several weeks we have taking a new approach to the blog as you may have noticed. There have been a few fairly significant changes and they include mixing in more personal type stories as well as publishing content more frequently. We have received a number of positive comments from readers on this new approach, and thank you for them.

The “core” website of needhelppayingbills continues to be the same as it lists thousands of assistance programs, charities, and more. That has not changed. We still continue to add to that core as well as make modifications to the existing data and do much more. There have been no changes made to that process. While we know financial assistance programs are always changing, funding can stop, names change, etc. we continue to try our best to keep up. There have been millions of less fortunate families as well as individuals that have used that portion of the site over the years in order to find help.

We do our best to keep up with listing charities, government agencies, etc. As we say even if only a small number of people get the help they need from the site, it can make a big difference for those individuals and it can make a difference in their lives. We hope the site assists as many people as possible and it is one of our small ways to try to give back.

Changes to needhelppayingbills blog

The first big one is including more of the my own personal stories. This may range from the my background to personal experiences from growing up, lessons learned, how to start investing and more. I even have listed examples on volunteering in the business world, donating time or money to charities, as well as volunteering with dogs, including my traveling with Maxie! While no one knows everything in life, and I am far from perfect, much of the feedback on this approach of trying to personalize the blog (even just a little) has been positive. So thank you for the comments. The positivity is even more important considering I could use any bit of good news over these last couple of months.

We are also including more tips/stories/comments from others as well, whether experts in a field or publications. Examples include information on how becoming a specialist in an activity may lead to higher incomes as more as more personal fulfillment. Or tips on how companies hire driven and motivated people for open jobs or who those individuals can be more successful in the business world. Combining personal stories with feedback from other sources helps give readers different ideas or perspectives, not just my own or those of needhelppayingbills. We also have some suggestions from some contractors we work with here at needhelppayingbills.

Another change is we are also publishing new content more frequently. This has also received positive comments, so thank you. This can include the personal items as noted above but also more news stories on programs for low income families, individuals seeking to pay down debt, and more. Much of the news content is relevant to readers of the site for current subjects or future challenges as well. An example one of those on good to know for the future would be how many government assistance programs, such as Section 8 housing or Medicaid, may start to require work requirements from beneficiaries.

A third change is there have been some topics that readers or contractors have suggested as well. We are trying to incorporate some of that into the blog, or maybe will use the forum in the future for that too. One of the big ones was the emphasis on job training for government benefits. As we have received some emails wondering about what is going on there. Thank you for the suggestions on new content.

While the amount of content created based on reader inquires or feedback is still few and far between on the blog, we hope (plan) on incorporating more of this in the future. It may cover any topic, whether financial assistance for lower income families to personal growth or development, stories of overcoming hardship or poverty, or really anything. So feel free to send any topics or suggestions in.

In general, the blog has involved. I write all the posts myself. While I am not a very good writer (I am a computer, logic, numbers and math person), I hope I write well enough to get by…or maybe not! While not every comment has been positive on the changes we made to the blog, most of them have been. So thank you for the positive ones, and in regards to negative feedback, we are always trying to do better.

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