Section 8 in Los Angeles accepting applications in October 2017

The time has finally arrived to apply for a HUD section 8 rent voucher! The last time that Los Angeles accepted section 8 applications was 2004, and now finally after 13 years the program will be reopening for a lucky few thousand people. Starting later this month it is expected that almost 20,000 families will have an opportunity to be enrolled into the HUD voucher program.

While 20,000 new clients sounds like a big number, unfortunately the city expects around 600,000 applications. This means that only 3% of applications will be accepted, and the vast majority of those who need assistance will need to be rejected. In addition to the demand, the majority of the section 8 HHD vouchers (both in Los Angeles and nationwide) need to go to very low income families. This means that those applicants need to have a maximum income of $18,950 for an individual and it also needs to be under $27,050 for a family of four. Note that the scale changes based on the number of family members.

Applications are accepted in October 2017

The window to apply will start later this month, and it will last for 2 weeks. All applications need to be processed online, and the assistance is for legal residents only. However if there is an illegal immigrant also living in the home, the household can still apply. But the section 8 voucher will be pro-rated based upon the number of legal/illegal household members. Find a list of all of the California section 8 HUD voucher programs  and offices in the state.

The estimated breakdown is as followed. As noted, only 20,000 HUD vouchers will be issued in the city during October 2017. Out of that number, 1,000 need to go to the currently homeless. Then another teventy five percent of them (or 15,000) need to be issued to very low income families. This only leaves about 4,000 for other, “Standard” HUD vouchers. So the assistance will obviously be very difficult to get.

So how do you get accepted in into the cities section 8 program? Well, we are sorry to say that it will be a lottery system. This leaves it to fate, so cross your fingers. And with the accepted demand of 600,000 applications later this month, the chance of being accepted is roughly 3 percent….so 97% of applications will not be accepted. So most families in the city of Los Angeles will be disappointed.

However there are some other housing programs in the city; section 8 is just one of them. Anyone who currently leases a home (no matter their income) can apply for some of the rental assistance programs in the Los Angeles county area. There are many offered, that can be used by any resident or even those on section 8. There are also legal resources, charities, etc.

Since the 2 week window open later in October 2017, we strongly advise everyone to be prepared. As if you are not when online applications are processed, then you may miss out. Have income in order, proof of residency as well as citizenship, and also details on your current housing situation. You have only one chance to apply, and if you miss out it may be many more years before the application window opens up again.


  1. Darice Fogelson

    Dear Sir,
    Does a pension of $236.00 monthly count toward the maximum income of $18,950 in order to be eligible for a section 8 HUD voucher?

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