Salvation Army needs bell ringers for 2017 campaign

One way to give back to your local community is to volunteer as a Salvation Army bell ringer. This is part of their Red Kettle campaign, and it operates each and every year in thousands of local communities. The Salvation Army depends on volunteers to ring the bell at each kettle, and they need people for the upcoming 2017 season.

You may be familiar with the campaign. It normally operates outside of many stores, public facilities like a post office, grocers, shopping malls, and countless other locations. You may see someone ringing a bell right next to the so called Red Kettle. This is the program that the Salvation Army needs volunteers for.

While each local Salvation Army center has its own sources of funding as well as operating budgets, in general the campaign can raise between 25 to 50% of their annual budget. So, the money raised during the 2017 campaign will be used to help pay for the charities 2018 operating expenses. It is therefore critical to get enough volunteers for the 2017 season to ring the bell.

Anyone can help. There have been examples of former Salvation Army clients who late give back to the charity by volunteering. Maybe they ring the bell at the Red Kettle, or maybe they volunteer in a thrift store. People are always needed. There are also examples of well off people volunteering, retirees, senior citizens, and many others. Most volunteers do this multiple days per season, but that is not required.

When applying to volunteer, some basic screening is done. They will generally require identification, a copy of a “simple resume”, and some centers may need a birth certificate and/or social security card. This is done to screen candidates as there is money collected as part of the 2017 bell ringing campaign. To apply, call your local Salvation Army center. Find locations.

Dates and times of 2017 campaign

The length of each shift will vary. There will also be different times that someone is needed. But in general, you can volunteer for anywhere from 1-3 hours. But each local Salvation Army will have their own needs as well as timing needed.

The exact dates of the 2017 campaign will be set by the local office. They typically start at the beginning of November and run through some point in January…maybe the end of the month. However, a number of Salvation Army centers will end the campaign in December…around the Christmas holidays. Very few run into January.

Even if you volunteer you can pick any dates or time period. You do not need to participate for the entire two months or so. Many people just do a few days or so, or whenever their schedule allows. There are no minimum or maximum times required, and there are no long-term commitments to do this for the entire 2017 holiday season.

There will also be a goal around how much money is needed for the 2017 campaign. Since each center has its own funding needs. The money raised goes to pay for everything, whether it is a shelter, a summer camp for kids, or a financial aid program. In other words, if you volunteer to ring a bell at the Red Kettle, you will be making a difference.

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