Peace and Quiet – Financial benefits

At church the other week, the priest was talking about the world these days. School shootings, more violence in the Middle East (as always), parents killing their children, and other depressing things. While I think many of these issues have been going on for years (if not forever in the case of Middle East), the priest used these examples to stress the importance of finding some peace and quiet to try to get away from it all. While it was great to hear those horrible stories of world events, maybe I should look into another church as it was kind of depressing!

Seriously, I am a big believer in Peace and Quiet. I have been working to find more of this after the last couple of challenging years of anxiety, separation, family issues, lawyers, very busy moving into a new home and other challenges as I have noted, some of which were unfortunately self-inflicted. I am doing my best to find more of the Peace in my life.

We report on Peace and Quiet as there are also financial benefits to it as well. It can lead to better mental and physical health. And with those benefits can come a reduction in medical bills. After all, the American Medical Association (AMA) reports that one in 6 Americans take anti-depressants or anxiety medication. If those people found some peace in their lives, meditated, etc. how much money would they save each year on their health care costs?

I find my Peace and Quit by, among other things, going to the beach, travelling, going for a walk in the fresh air, listening to acoustic music, and “getting away from it all”. Sitting in quiet, deep breathing and thinking is great too, and even reading in a quiet environment is peaceful to me. As I turned 43, the desire to have more and more peace and less drama becomes more important to me each and every day.

In fact, reading is what gave me the idea for my business, which lead to financial success. I read an article that sparked an idea in my head. And without my business, and eventually this website, you would have never had the “pleasure” (ha!) of reading this article. So, I am a living example of how finding a peaceful activity can benefit you financially. There are other stores of this as well. One of many examples being Steve Jobs who talk walks around his neighborhood so he could think about business, how to grow it, and evolve. A number of successful CEOs and leaders also take quiet time each day to clear their head, and they all praise the time they do this.

Peace and Quiet can also make you more productive. Someone may come up with a business idea, maybe a solution to a problem they were having pops in their head, or they sharpen their brain for a big test during those peaceful moments. All this can have financial rewards too.

As think about how about 50% of teenagers say they are addicted to their smartphones and millennials/teens spend 4-5 hours per day on them. Of course, older adults are not much better! Imagine if they disconnected, found some peace and were able to focus on just one task at hand.

The ability to focus can lead to better grades at school, maybe more financial success as they can focus on work or a business, go outside and exercise for some fresh air, specialize in a skill, and it has other benefits. Not to mention that studies allow show smart phone addiction, and usage of social networks causes anxiety and depress…thus higher medical bills again. Disconnecting can help you find peace and quiet.

Now of course family and domestic issues are also a major barrier to peace and quiet. We will be posting soon on domestic abuse, and how it can lead to immense hardship, including financially. We also wrote about bullying in the past. Domestic issues harms single moms in particular as well as the children. So, it can be challenging to address the sensitive topic of peace and quit when it comes to family, but drama free life is always the goal to peace.

The bottom line is Peace and Quiet is a great goal to have. When you reach that goal, you are bound to benefit in multiple ways, including financially.

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