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Life changing moments are very rare and some people think they never come up. But I am a big believer in the fact that every person has at least one opportunity that will come up at some point in their life and that could possibly result in a life changing moment for them if acted upon in a positive way. But I do agree these opportunities are very rare, and many people miss them.

While I think everyone has at least one opportunity, some people may have 2 or 3 or so. But these opportunities are very rare. What is key is the choices people make during these opportunities, how they present themselves, and the steps they take during those windows of time. as the actions they take will make a huge difference in their lives, whether a positive or negative difference. Or they let the opportunity pass and another one never comes up. What do readers think? Does everyone have an opportunity for a life changing moment? If so, how many? After all, life is made up of choices.


I think every person has the chance for a “life changing moment”. Other people may disagree, and they may just say once born into poverty they will always be there due to the “cycle of poverty”. Or if they are facing abuse they can never escape it. Or since they lack of education or whatever means they will never get their “moment”. But I try to be optimistic and believe everyone has at least one opportunity.

Yes, it may be a cliché, but I am a strong believer in life changing moments; maybe it is due to my spiritual and fate side and maybe it is due to my own personal experience that taught me there are moments which can potentially change a life. But a life changing moment can be negative or just missed; it does not mean it is a positive experience.

It is a turning point, in which the choice/decision they make can change their life and put them on a new path in their life. Sometimes it can be a better path, sometimes a worse one, or sometimes it is a missed opportunity.

Maybe your moment is a potential business idea, an interview for a major job or promotion, someone you meet, an investment, a personal relationship, or countless other things. Maybe it is the opportunity to give back, make a difference in someone’s life, or whatever. What do you do during that opportunity? Blow it? Ignore it? Or make a positive event out of it? It is impossible to define a “typical” life changing opportunity/moment, but I think one will occur in everyone’s life.

When these moments occur I am a strong believer in you need to act on them in a positive manner. As the opportunities can be negative as well….life changing moments are not “positive” by default. Do not let them pass as they more than likely will never come up again, as life changing opportunities are rare…heck maybe only one per lifetime.

Over my years I have talked to a few people who said they wish they did XXXX during that moment. Maybe they wished they presented themselves better to a superior at work. Maybe they wish they invested in that stock or applied for that job or promotion. Or maybe pursued a personal relationship, or took that chance on a business. Or maybe they wished they did not fear trying…fear of failure. It seems that many people I have met, who talked about this topic of life changing opportunity, in effect “blew” their chance at a life changing moment. I am always amazed about how many people seem to talk about missed or blown opportunities.

I definitely had an opportunity or two. It was the day I read an article about investing, which lead me to buy stocks. I am proud to say I acted on it though, and that moment let me build a great business, achieve FIRE, gave me “freedom” and had many other benefits. I think my second one was when I launched my business, which the idea came from an article I read. I acted on both opportunities. The two combined gave me freedom, allowed me to move from a low income household, bullied background to the top one percent. If I did not act on them….these life changing moments would have been totally missed.

Opportunities come in many forms and fashions. The key is to recognize them and act. As they can help a low income family get out of the cycle of poverty. Or they can help people find what may make them “happy”, maybe launch a business, or maybe put them on their path to the American Dream.

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  • May 22, 2019 at 9:50 am

    My mom is disabled and dad not make a lot of money. I got a part then full time job in school. I worked at a store until at age 15. I worked very hard and was open to learning from bosses who were so kind. Then on my 18th birthday I wanted to start my own business with everything I learned and that was the soonest the county would give me a business license. I killed myself doing this and gave 150%. I’ve been doing that in my success business for the past 19 years. That grocery store job and the people who helped me there at such young age was life changing.


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