Money can bring out the worst in people

As much as I hate to say it, I think there is truth to the saying that money can bring out the worst in people. I have witnessed first hand how the love of money, material goods, the pursuit of “more and more” causes tremendous havoc in people’s lives. Sadly so many people give up all morals, values, and self-respect among other things in the pursuit of “more”.

I wrote about how money does not bring happiness. In fact, in some cases money can bring out the worst in people. This can happen in many ways, including people using or manipulating someone else, criminal acts, family fights or families disintegrating over financial disputes, murder and even more. There are all too many examples of what someone would do to get their hands on a few dollars, and sadly it is often not a good thing. And these actions for money are not just from low income or struggling individuals, but the wealthy too often go all out in the pursuit of money.

I have witnessed, and been involved in, the terrible aspects of money as well. I think the “love” and pursuit of money can be a very bad thing.

Some examples. I have witnessed people including family stealing from others or “borrowing” cash as a loan and refusing to pay the money back. I have been involved in instances of people being used in one way or another over their finances. I have heard stories of Individuals literally fighting over the possessions of a dying or dead relative. There is broken trust in families, relationships, friendships, and more. So many lies are given when it comes to money, employment, or wealth.

Other examples include separations and divorces that can turn into almost a bare knuckle brawl in court or mediation sessions over the money and assets the couple have. I have heard of and been aware of people committing criminal, immoral or borderline illegal acts for money. Siblings and family who no longer talk to each other or their parents over disputes over money and possessions.

Those are just a few examples of situations I am more aware of or been involved in. I guess this is why some may say that the strong pursuit and love of “money is the root of all evil”. But of course you can just watch any show like Dateline or read the paper and see people kill each other over money and possessions too.

The stories are countless. I am not really sure what causes it, and when reading on this topic experts say they often do not know as well. As the data shows that people are often most happy when they make a “household” salary of 70 to 80K range.

And the data also shows that having money does not equate to happiness. Not only that, but I would think fighting over it, stealing, disavowing family, committing morally questionable or illegal acts and worse would lead to even less happiness…at least for those that are of stable and sound mind!

Even though money does not equate happiness, people will still steal for cash or goods. Or they lie, cheat, commit a crime, give up their morals or their self-respect, divide families or lose friends, they sell their freedom or themselves or their respect for money, etc. It is unfortunate, but I guess it is a fact of life for most individuals.

I do get the fact that people need some form of money to live. But the data shows that money is not all that life is about, and the data shows that Americans do not need as much as they may think to be happy. As 70-80K is not like hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Even if you make less money that that, which many people do, it is still possible to live on much less than 70K, including roommates, living in different parts of the country, not needing material items, and more, and that can be done without giving up morals or self-respect in the pursuit of money. Study after study supports this.

But yes, sadly I have witnessed, and heard about, money bringing out the worst in people. As I wrote about, I wish having some assets lead to happiness, but it just doesn’t based on my own experiences and countless surveys and studies. As happiness is hard to find…and I am still trying to consistently find it.

For those who love or pursue money at the expense of everything else, including relationships, their pride, self-worth, etc, we are sure they most feel even worse, provided they have a conscience. We are sure you have your own stories too on money bringing out the worst of people? What may they be, and send them to us if want. Or look for our forum poll which we may create!


  1. Alexandria Sirmons

    Yep. Worst in rich and poor. Many rich are greedy and never donate to charity, tip workers, give or or buy for others.
    Many poor just want free stuff , never work, someone hand them money, and someone to care for them.

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