Happy Mothers Day! – My mom and all the others

Happy Mother’s Day to all those moms out there (and women/girls in my life from the photo!) Happy moms day to the special needhelppayingbills blog readers as well…Most mothers work so hard at taking the lead in raising their children, working in the job market to pay the bills, and for the majority of moms it is both of those activities…working and raising the kids at the same time.

My mom raised me 100% by herself after my dad left, and even before that she took much of the lead (if not all of it). She was a warrior in keeping the family together, providing food, housing, and covering expenses. My is now 79 years old and active, in good health.

Hey mom, I will call you later today mom,  and maybe we can meet for lunch tomorrow before I fly out.

As we reported, single moms are more likely to be in poverty. They are working, paying the bills, caring for their children, and performing countless other tasks for their family. They should be respected, treasured, and appreciated. Today, mothers day, is just one day to say thank you and appreciate them! But they should be appreciated throughout the year as well! Every day! Happy mother’s day to my mom and all the others out there!

Personally, I am closer to the women in my family…sisters and mom. I think I saw what my mother went through trying to pay the bills and support are family. The verbally abusive male who drank, was horrible, and checked out from my family.

I think those issues stuck with me over all the years and think it actually caused me to have more female friends than males over the years. What my mom went through raising also may be the main explanation as to why I am such a sensitive person. At least these are some of the things people say to and about me, including therapists! Seeing the struggles made me sensitive to people. Once again, happy mothers day to my mom and all the others!


  1. Terri

    Hello, my mom was separated from my dad for two years and was trying to get a divorce he asked for. I was raised by a single mom of three, working full time. Her pay checks did cover the bills all the way or cover clothes and needs for us three kids and food. No child support either as most men can’t be depended on. She raised us incredible on her own, even though she could have really used help. Your mom sounds amazing too Jon, just like mine. Great post and story!

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