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Free FBI App to Help You Protect Your Children

For the first time, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has created an app and made it available for public download at no cost. The FBI Child ID app allows you to build a profile on your child that you can instantly share with law enforcement should the child go missing. Also included in the app are safety tips, steps to take and guidelines to follow in the event of an incident. Remember there are almost 400,000 missing kids annually reported to the FBI National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

Maybe one of the best things about the app is it is free to download and use. This means it a great resource for low income families and even the over 15 million single mother run households. Single parents have another too from the FBI Child ID app that can help protect their kid(s), such as when the parent is working, in school, or otherwise trying to provide for the family. This is one of the many free apps for low income families that can help them save money, protect their family, apply for benefits and more. Read more on and find free apps for low income families.

Why the free FBI app was created

Whether your child gets lost in a crowd at a mall, goes missing in your neighborhood or is kidnapped, law enforcement officials (both local and national such as the FBI) will need a great deal of data from you as soon as possible in order to begin their search. The first 72 hours are critical to finding a missing child. The longer a child is missing the less likely it is that they will be returned unharmed, so it’s critically important that you are able to immediately provide the necessary information.

That’s the reason this free app was developed by the FBI partnering with a number of local authorities It allows you to compile and store all of the data in advance so that it’s available if you need it. It will make the process much easier and, importantly, faster than trying to assemble pictures, social media feeds, and other information on your child.

App details and features

If your child goes missing, law enforcement officials will need a complete physical description including hair and eye color, height, weight, ethnicity, scars or marks, and more. They will also ask for photos, nicknames, social media details, and other details.

While parents may normally be able to provide this type of information without issue, panicked parents who just lost a child may find it far more difficult. With the app, distraught parents can simply hand their devices to investigators or instantly email the child’s information to the police.

With the FBI Child ID app, you’ll be able to

• Build a profile that includes all the data investigators will need immediately should your child disappear, including photos of your child you have stored on your phone.
• Edit the photos you want to store in the profile so that they better illustrate any identifying marks such as birthmarks, moles, or scars.
• Set default contact information for your local law enforcement agency, including the local email address and phone number so your local agency is notified immediately.
• Instantly show, text and/or email your child’s complete profile to investigators.
• Immediately send your phone’s location (or your child’s if they have a smart phone) to police so that they have your child’s last known whereabouts

The app also includes recommendations to help you keep your child safe and steps you should take immediately after your child goes missing. Always keep in mind that if your child goes missing, it is hard to not panic. This is why the free FBI app has information programmed in what to do and how to deal with it. You’ll also receive notifications when it’s time to update the profile information with more current photos and details.

Does the FBI collect the data stored in the app?

The agency does not collect or store any of the information you enter into the Child ID app. All of the data remains stored on your phone, so the data is secure and not shared with other companies. The only way law enforcement officials would receive the information would be if your child was missing and you sent it to them. The app has a password option that will allow you to better secure the data stored in the profile.

Where to get it the missing child notification app

The app is available to Android and iPhone users via free download from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Simply search for “FBI Child ID app.”

In closing…

This new, free app provides parents as well as single mothers or fathers with a tool that may prove to be invaluable if their children go missing. Preparing for such an emergency in advance will ensure that law enforcement officials immediately have the information they need should an incident occur.

This free app will save critical minutes that could end up being the difference between whether or not missing children are returned safely. All of this considered, why not take advantage of the FBI Child ID app’s capabilities?


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