Early bird gets the worm – career and financial success

While every person is different, there have been multiple studies completed and there have also been real life surveys done that support the idea that the early bird really does get the worm! There are countless studies that show how CEOs, executives, self-made millionaires or billionaires and other successful people rise early. I also am a strong believer in this concept and fall into the example(s) above of self-made, entrepreneur, etc.. We also asked for feedback from our forum, and the consensus of our readers is that they prefer to, and do rise early as well.

What are the reasons these successful people get up early, and how do they say it benefits them? Based on studies from Harvard, extensive interviews done of successful people, and other surveys, we will tell you why the early bird gets the worm! We also have some of the key references and links to the surveys and studies in our forum.

Our informal survey of early vs. late also shows that most people strongly prefer the morning. We also received several email replies, and in general the consensus is that people like the morning as it gives them (1) peace to start the day (such as peace from kids/family) and they also like the morning as (2) they have responsibilities to fulfill. The fact is not too many people have the ability to lay in bed until late morning and waste the day away….they have to get up to tackle the world and fulfill their responsibilities.

Why the early bird gets the worm

I love this quotation and concept. It sets you up with a ‘winner’s mindset. What is that you may ask? It is about having the strengthened willpower as well as sense of control you get from beating your inner voice that wants to stay in bed, waste time, and be lazy. It is discipline, the ability to set goals, to control your own future and actions.

Almost every person says it allows them to be more productive. It gives people quiet time to focus, to set their goals for the day, catch up on any work (such as emails, etc.). There are less (if any) distractions whether from co-workers, customers, or family.

Most of the early birds exercise in the morning as well. This of course gives them tremendous health benefits, clears their head, is great for the mind and body. Exercise also gives them energy as well, and of course there are countless other benefits to exercise…reduces anxiety, depression, pulse, allows people to stay cool headed and in control, etc.

For those early risers that do not exercise, they often mediate. Or they do both!. This has some/many of the same health benefits as exercising and also comes with its own unique advantages. Or people do other things to ensure they stay healthy…yoga, Pilates, or really anything.

They often eat breakfast, which is also critical to health. Early birds will have more time to eat some healthy food, which also of course has countess health benefits.

Education and knowledge. Seems so many early birds use the time to educate themselves. Read the newspaper or watch business news, such as CNBC. Having the latest daily knowledge gives them an advantage in the business world, as intelligence and knowledge surpasses almost everything else.

I also love the quotation that “nothing good happens after midnight”, or as the night gets closer to midnight. Being an early bird in effect force you to avoid those late night troubles, fights, drunkards, sexual assaults, drug users, prostitutes, crimes, and worse.

My story also falls right into the early bird. I am self made, and I enjoy watching the sunset, exercising, reading the paper, and starting the day in a thoughtful, peaceful way. I believe is one factor that has lead to my professional and financial success.

I like this example of someone who tried to alter their lifestyle to get up earlier, and how it benefited them. You can see a couple more like this too….Examples of people who tried to prove this concept. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/does-getting-up-at-5am-early-make-you-more-successful-we-tried-it-a7716086.html


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