Donate to 2016 National Diaper Awareness Week

As everyone knows (whether you have kids or not!) diapers are just outright expensive. Parents often struggle with buying them for their kid, and in fact, it is estimated that about one third of households often go without.

Due to the costs involved as well as their limited income, they often do not have enough diapers for their everyday needs. Well, there is a way to give back to these families, and the time to do that is right now, during the 2016 National Diaper Awareness Week. Remember it is not really the adult parent you are supporting, but every donation will really benefit the child, as those are the ones that will use these diapers.

According to the US Census Bureau, there are about 5.3 million children under the age of 3 that come from a home that is either living in or close to poverty levels. While there is an argument to be made that a parent that is struggling to pay their bills should not have had a child until their finances can support it, the fact is the story for each of these 5.3 million is different.

Maybe the household was stable but they unexpectedly lost a job, or maybe they got sick and had to face very high medical bills. Maybe a relative became ill and the parent had to take a leave of absence from their job. Or maybe the newborn had some serious medical issues, which set the parent off on the wrong path. Whatever the reason, the end result is that about 1/3 of those households struggle to buy diapers for those younger kids. There are two main challenges that they face.

One is that their income just does not support this expense. It is costly to try to buy diapers at the same time as pay the rent, acquire clothes that the newborn needs or buy baby formula. Many of those low income families are just one paycheck away from experiencing an even larger financial hardship, so the cost of diapers is often hard to swallow.

Another challenge faced by those households is the fact that public assistance (such as SNAP food stamps or WIC) does not pay for diapers. So even if the parent is enrolled into one of these benefits, this will not provide them any assistance.

The state and federal government focus those programs on buying food and other needs. So they can help the parent with other costs, which of course is very beneficial. While the government will not assist, the parent can always turn to a charity or non-profit for information on how to get free diapers.

How to give back during the 2016 Diaper Week

If you are considering to do this, now is the time. There are multiple ways to contribute during the 2016 National Diaper Awareness Week. Any donation is of course voluntarily, and anything given to a charity or non-profit Diaper Bank is greatly appreciated. In general, the contribution will be tax deductible on your 2016 return.

  • One is to give money. Whether it is $1, $5, or $50, and amount is appreciated.
  • Another is to donate maybe unneeded, surplus clothing or disposable diapers. As maybe a parent no longer needs them as their child grew up, and they have some extra ones sitting in their home. If this is you, then now is the week to donate them to a charity.

To donate during the important week, use this resource for more information on the diaper drive. It also keeps an ongoing tracker of how much money and/or how many diapers have been donated. The organizations that participate will ensure that the contributions go to income qualified, low income parents with children under the age of 3.

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