Coronavirus help – Evictions being banned

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus, a number of state, local, and city governments are banning evictions due to unpaid rent. The evictions need to be due to rent issues and not due to other potential causes of evictions, such as noise disturbances, damage, and the like. Some examples are below, but the list is just a sampling and check with your local government or municipality.

In addition, HUD section 8 housing will also be banning evictions. This is for very low income families, seniors, the disabled, and families in poverty that live in HUD units or public housing. Since the section 8 program is income based, when people are losing their income due to Coronavirus, then there evictions will be banned.

As with everything having to do with the Coronavirus, things change by the hour and day. The number of municipalities that are bound to take actions around evictions, as well as other financial challenges, is bound to change and increase. But for any family or individual that is struggling to pay their rent, know that the government is starting to ban some evictions.

In addition, there are many examples/stories of landlords negotiating payment plans or providing relief to struggling families; however they are not required to do that. But the point is landlords do not want to lose a “good” tenant during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Note this for of relief is in addition to utility companies that are not disconnecting utilities due to unpaid energy bills, as delinquent utility bills can also be a cause for evictions.

Cities and states banning evictions

As noted, the list below is growing by the day if not hour. The list below is also a very small example of the cities, towns, states, and counties. The point being that if you are renting your home or apartment, and are struggling to keep up due to the impact of the Coronavirus, do some research. As your municipality may also be making evictions illegal. Some of the municipalities that are banning evictions include:

State of South Carolina
City of Los Angeles
San Francisco
Portland Oregon
Seattle and King County
New York City and State
Las Vegas
State of Virginia

That is just a sampling of states as well as cities. The list is literally changing daily. Talk to your property owner. Google your city or state to see if evictions were banned. Look into your local housing court policy.

This will not mean you can just stop paying rent and never worry abou it. The money will still be due, but it just means that you can’t be evicted during this Coronavirus crisis. But then again, that may change as well based on federal government as well as state guidelines change or stimulus comes into play.

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