Financial assistance for furloughed government workers

There are a number of emergency financial assistance programs available for furloughed workers, free items, short term jobs, and other resources for the roughly 800,000 federal government workers who are not getting paid. Below you will find different categories of assistance, whether for housing or rental needs, food, utilities, car payments, credit cards or financial resources for paying other bills. Both the government and charities/non-profits may offer support. We also have listed some ideas on how a furloughed worker can make a few dollars while they are waiting for the …

Income disparity – CEO pay

Income disparity in the US, in particular of top executives such as CEO level (Chief Executive officers), is at ridiculous levels and the problem is getting worse and worse. Now I am all in favor of being well compensated for hard work, being rewarded for innovative ideas, people taking chances by investing, and similar things. They should be compensated more than others, but come on now…we are at outrageous levels. I think taking a chance on business, investing, coming up with a successful business idea and such be rewarded in …

2017 poverty rates by county, school district and city

Each year the US Census Bureau releases the latest poverty data by county (3141 areas) and even school districts (13,213 areas). It is interesting to see and drill down to your county or region. It also helps show the wide ranges in poverty in this country. The latest data, known as the 2017 Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates, was just put out by the Census Bureau.