Assistance Program Reviews

Financial assistance for furloughed government workers

There are a number of emergency financial assistance programs available for furloughed workers, free items, short term jobs, and other resources for the roughly 800,000 federal government workers who are not getting paid. Below you will find different categories of assistance, whether for housing or rental needs, food, utilities, car payments, credit cards or financial resources for paying other bills. Both the government and charities/non-profits may offer support. We also have listed some ideas on how a furloughed worker can make a few dollars while they are waiting for the …

Hurricane Michael financial assistance programs

Find charities, government assistance programs, home repair services and financial resources that are available for families impacted by Hurricane Michael. There are also programs to help families recover from this natural disaster. There are many resources offered, ranging from financial assistance programs for paying bills, disaster relief services, free items such as food, home repair programs and more. The agencies are focused on helping residents in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina as well as other states.