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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been around for ages, is free to do and comes in several forms. There are many health and wellness benefits to it, and I have also dabbled with meditation from time to time, including at the beach. People from all income levels can participate. You do not need to pay for some expensive class to do this. Mediation can be done for free, at home, or really anywhere.

The benefits of a daily practice are too numerous to list in one paragraph. While some benefits are financial in nature (such as addressing medical needs including anxiety), most of the reasons to do this are for general lifestyle. However it can help people cut back on medical bills, like it reduce someones need for prescription drugs for treating anxiety or depression. However, this “mental hygiene” is available to anyone at any time and makes a cumulative, life altering difference in yourself and how you live your life. Just some of its benefits are listed below:

*Stress reduction — it helps regulate the emotional centers in the brain thereby reducing feelings of anxiety or conflict. It helps people deal with a difficult boss, people in your life who are full of anger, help with interactions with children, and stress can be tackled in other ways too. It is great for for trying to stay coolheaded instead of spewing off hateful, thoughtless things in reaction to a stressful period.

*Improves focus, mindfulness and concentration — it provides clarity to the mind, making any task easier to manage and complete. This clarity can help you at your job, which can lead to raises, a higher income, and more job opportunity.

*Increases confidence and self-awareness — it provides a detachment or pause making you less reactive and less angry. There are people in my life who I think mediation can benefit them by reducing their anger and abuse! In turn, it makes you more comfortable in your skin, more in tune with who you are and what makes you tick.

*Encourages healthy living — meditation is the mental exercise your mind needs to “flush” out negativity and toxic behaviors. While food and exercise can also help here, mediation makes a bigger difference. It makes you more aware of how precious your health is which leads to better choices in food and behavior. Healthy living also can help families on medical needs.

*Increases happiness and lowers mental challenges — meditation creates a healthy space in your mind for self-acceptance and gratitude. It reminds you that feelings pass/change frequently and emotions are just part of the human condition, not who you truly are. A daily practice increases appreciation for the life you are living.

*Peace – So many people have anger, low self-esteem, self-hatred and other challenges. Meditation can help address all of these mental and health issues as well as many others.

*It improves immunity, may lower blood pressure, can reduce need for medications and creates a relaxed state in the body. Mediation has been proven to do this, and a higher immunity in itself can cut back on doctor visits and those expensive bills!

These are just some of the outstanding mental, medical and physical benefits that meditation provides. One thing I have learned though is it needs to be done consistently, which I hope to do more of in the future instead of more inconsistently like I have done in the past. Some of these overlap with financial benefits too, mostly around health care and medical bills. Keep in mind it is a practice whereby some sessions will be better than others, but they all matter.

There are many different types of meditation which may need to be explored until you find the one that works for you. You do not need to pay anyone or run up any debts to provide you this service. Even just 5-20 minutes a day can have a positive, cumulative effect on your overall well-being. It is FREE, convenient and can be done at any time. There are various apps and videos available (many of which are free) online for your convenience. This practice simply makes everything better in your life and is worth trying out.


Jon McNamara is the CEO of needhelppayingbills.com, a company that he started in 2008 and that specializes in helping low income families as well as those who are in a financial hardship. He also found NHPB LLC, a company committed to helping the less fortunate. Jon and his team also provide free financial advice to help people learn about as well as manage their money. Every piece of content on this website has been reviewed by him before publishing and many of the articles he has personally written. Jon is the leading author for needhelppayingbils.

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