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Estimated 12 million people will take payday loans in 2016

It is estimated that about 12 million Americans will take out a payday loan this year. That is equivalent to about 5% of the population. Not only will they be turning to this high priced source of funding, but a number of those 12 million borrowers will in fact take out more than one loan over the course of the year. However that exact total of so multiple borrowers is difficult to measure, but it is bound to be a large number.

750,000 New Yorkers qualified for food stamps July 1, 2016

More low income families in New York will be able to receive food stamps throughout 2016. The income cut off for SNAP will increase to 150 percent of the federal poverty levels. This is a change that was implemented by the Cuomo administration for the upcoming year. While the increase from the current cut off of rate of 30% of poverty levels may not seem like a big change, it will make a major difference in the lives of almost 1 million people, including children that face hunger every day. …

If natural gas under $1 per therm | Utility bill impact

The United States has benefited from hundreds of billions of dollars being spent on drilling for natural gas and oil over the last several years. There has been fracking, off-shore wells, and other investments made. Some experts are now predicting that the price of natural gas can go to a record low of $1 per therm or even lower as a result of this. So what will happen to your monthly utility bill if this occurs? Unfortunately it is impossible to say, but your monthly bill should be lower in …