Americans are tired

I have read several articles lately that all say Americans are “tired” of wearing masks, social distancing, washing their hands, and taking the simple, basic steps needed to defeat COVID. I have watched some news stories that say the same thing….Americans are “tired”. And yes, I will reiterate, COVID can be defeated while keeping the economy open. As many other countries have already done this. In fact, it seems like most (if not all) other developed countries have defeated it except the US. While we, as America, never even materially slowed the spread much less defeated it; and now COVID is spreading like wildfire again.

I can’t stress this enough, and this is also sadly underreported. Over 120,000 Americans have now died. But in addition to those 120K deaths, tens of thousands of additional Americans (if not hundreds of thousands) have been so sick they have had to go to the emergency room, ICU, be connected to ventilators, etc. The point being many more people have been close to death.

It is always shocking to me how so few people talk about this fact, that we as America are losing the battle in every way possible – both from deaths and economic. (But at least we are doing better than a few emerging economies like Brazil!…ha!)

When I read these articles about Americans being tired or see people (and so called “experts”) talk about it, it reminds me of how selfish, polarized, and entitled most Americans are. The COVID pandemic has only been with us about 100 days, and Americans apparently started to get tired after maybe 50 days into the pandemic. Americans are tired even the though the solution to ending the pandemic takes almost no effort, discipline, or energy….wear a mask, keep some space, practice basic hygiene. It is that simple. All of those activities take almost zero effort.

US vs Europe

Americans are tired – Is this a core characteristic of Americans?

I now realize why America may be the most obese nation in the world (or at least in the top 3), according to multiple studies including from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. As Americans get tired….that is they get tired from dieting, eating healthy and exercising. See apparently Americans get tired after 50 days of doing a simple thing like wearing a mask to save lives…so of course Americans will be tired of dieting which actually requires some discipline and effort to do.

I now realize why Americans lack retirement savings, considering that people in their 30s have $45K+ and people in their 40s have 63K saved for retirement+. As Americans get tired…that is they get tired from saving and living below their means. Americans can’t even wear a mask or social distance for like 50 days, so of course Americans can’t make the financial commitment and discipline to save and invest for their future.

I now know why 70% of Americans give up their New Year’s Resolution(s) in fewer than 30 days and just 8% of Americans meet their New Year’s resolutions…as Americans get tired. That is they get tired from trying to hit a goal (a resolution) that they set themselves!

And I can go on with other examples. It is shocking to me that Americans are too tired to make a simple, selfless act that many others in the world have little to no problem doing. God forbid the nation ever has to face a difficult challenge that takes effort, discipline and commitment.

I tell you what, I never, ever want to hear in the future about Americans complaining about:

  • I never want to hear about a bad annual flu strain. As 25,000 to 30,000 Americans are dying per month from COVID (which is an annual rate of 10 times more than flu) and few people seem to care – as Americans are tired.
  • If we are hit by a terrorist attack in the future, I never want to hear people say they are sad at the loss of life or fearful to go out. As we are losing the same number of Americans who died on September 11 every 4 days. Yes, that is right, we lost 3200 people on 9/11, and we are losing 700 to 800 people per day from COVID. So every 4 days of COVID deaths is the same amount of death as we experienced on 9/11.

I never want to hear about people complaining about deaths or tragedy. As right now we have the ability as a country to prevent deaths, and people don’t seem to care as they are tired.


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