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Amazon allows donations directly to the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has partnered with Amazon.com to make it easier for families, individuals, or businesses to donate to the charity. This is part of the retailers “charity list program”. A “store” has been created on the Amazon website in which people can buy items for children of low income households, give gift cards, and more. The ecommerce company will give the items to kids across the nation.

Donations can be given year round, or they can be done during the Salvation Army’s key periods in which people give back and/or volunteer to the community. This tends to occur during the Christmas season as well as back to school time frames. Those are the times of the year in which children need the most help as without charities such as the Salvation Army many kids would go without toys or food.

The Salvation Army faith based charity operates nationally. They not only offer basic needs (such as free food, household goods, and clothes) to families, but many of the centers have financial aid to help pay bills for qualified families. They also offer case management, anti-poverty programs, and literally dozens of other resources. Note that what is provided at each location will vary greatly. It depends on funding and other factors.

Information on Amazon.com charity donation program

Amazon.com, which is the world’s largest internet retailer, note only operates this donation service for local centers, but the staff from the company will often volunteer at local Salvation Army centers. The teams will do everything from serve free meals to the homeless (including at Christmas) to help organize fund raisers. They may also ring the bells for the annual Red Kettle campaign to help raise money.

Many of the Amazon distribution centers and offices also set up the Angel Tree Christmas gift giving sites in which employees can donate there as well. This allows employees of the internet company to purchase toys, gifts, clothes, and more for needy children in their local community.

So since Amazon.com has already giving back to the Salvation Army, taking the next step of expanding this service nationwide seems to be a natural fit. The service was set up to allow anyone to buy items for children. People can use the Amazon tool to purchase toys during Christmas, back to school items (clothing, notebooks, pens, etc.) and much more.

Amazon.com actually has a list of what children need. This may be clothes, hygiene goods, school supplies, toys, books, and more. There are pages of items listed as well as the quantity needed. The cost may be a few dollars to dozens of dollars. Anyone buying items can sort by their price range and give as little or as much as they like. They can buy 1 item for a child or much more…the choice of how much to give back is determined by each shopper.

Then the retailer will ship the goods to the Salvation Army center specified. This keeps the program local in that the children assisted will be from that local community only. That means if someone in Washington state wants to buy a game for a child from their local town, they can use this Amazon.com tool to go look for what games are needed, make the purchase on the website, and the game will be shipped to the Salvation Army center specified.

This program allows people to give back to their local community. With millions of families struggling in today’s changing (and competitive economy) they often turn to charities for help. This national group offers assistance using these donations as well as the volunteers. Find help from the Salvation Army.

To learn more or give back, search Amazon.com for “Salvation Army charity lists”. Then follow the instructions listed.


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