26 percent of email addresses are unprofessional

We have analyzed the last 100 emails that have been sent to us and we have determined that as many as 26% of them have an address that is either unprofessional or it could be close to it. The statistic is alarming in that not only may a potential employer just skip over an applicant with using a certain type of email address, but some charities and other groups that offer financial aid may also screen the request for help.

While the process is somewhat arbitrary, we feel it can be as high as 26% of the email addresses could fall into this category. Even if we were to reclassify a few of them as less questionable based on some other opinions that we have received, we are very confident in saying that at minimum 21% are unprofessional. But as noted, this serious issue could impact as many as 26% of senders.

We are very confident as to the twenty six percent number. After all, no one can argue that “sexyms…”, “silliemomma…”, “OneShortASixPack…”, “Cutebabeknockout” or that “…browneyes69” is inappropriate! And we have a total of 26 that clearly fall into that outrageous category. The other five are a little more controversial.

We actually wonder if one of the root causes of someone being working poor or low income (as many users of the site are) is there lack of self-awareness and/or professionalism? Or maybe the working poor flat out lack proper communication skills? People using these types of ridiculous email addresses will almost always be bypassed for job opportunities (or promotions), which then leads to a lower income, increases chance of financial hardship, etc.

Downsides to an unprofessional email address

There are many. To name but a few, using these types of outrageous, unprofessional email addresses will almost guarantee that a potential employer will never look at a job cover letter or resume. Almost every human resource professional will disregard that client as soon as they see that address. Some automated systems may even screen those applicants out so no one even sees the clients job application and/or resume.

Now, the person may still be able to get an often lower paying retail type job or some position that is not a “professional role”, but anyone that wants a decent paying, high skill job with a company will never get one using those email addresses. We at needhelppayingbills would also never consider one of these!

Not only may someone not be able to get a job, but many social service agencies will also not take their request for financial aid seriously. It is also hard enough to get help for paying for medications or housing, and when someone with an email of “blacknightqueen…” applies, do people really think that will help them in their quest? So these 26% of people are putting themselves at risk to getting help for their basic needs.

A case manager at most of the charities (and even a Department of Human Service office) will think the person applying for aid will have extreme difficulty in getting a job as well. And since no charity or financial aid program is entitled to be some never ending entitlement (but they are meant to fill short term gaps) a social service agency may pass that person on and instead help someone that they think is more serious about resolving their financial situation.

A poor email address tells any professional that you are dealing with that you are not serious. The 26% of people that are using this so called “clever” or “joke” addresses make a terrible impression when applying for a job or anything for that matter. People that use that approach are telling others that they are serious about themselves or their situation and they are also saying they lack knowledge over acceptable norms.

What to do?

It is simple. Get a new email address. Use your first and last name (or shorten it by a few characters). If that email address is not available, every single email service (such as gmail, yahoo, etc. ) will recommend a variation of it. That is available. Use that recommendation. You can use this new address for any future professional communication done, or even better yet, use it 100% of the time and cancel the old, obnoxious one.

Then, tell your friends, family, and others you deal with your new contact information. Use it going forward in any communication, especially with employers and businesses. You need to change your email address immediately to prevent any further damage from being done.

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