Monthly Archives: December 2018

Requests from single parent(s) that can’t afford children

One thing we do here at needhelppayingbills from time to time is to try to sample where our requests for financial help, food, and more come from. We think what has stood out to us is the number of emails from single parents who need financial support and who are struggling. In fact, about 55% of the emails seem to be from single parents who are struggling. This is the result of 100 randomly sampled emails and is a rough estimate as the details can be challenging to get. We …

Spending money on yourself does not lead to happiness

Multiple studies show that spending money on others and being generous with your time can make you happier. On the flip said of that, spending money on yourself does not lead to any increase happiness, and in fact it will often even make people more miserable. The sources of this include studies from Elizabeth Dunn, the University of Zurich in Switzerland, as well as Harvard University among others.

Pay it forward | Donate or Volunteer

There are periods of time in which we all need a little help. You should never feel bad to ask others for assistance at those points of time in your life, and be sure to show gratitude as well when doing so. Once you make it through the challenge(s) you are faced with, be sure to give back to others once you are reestablished. This is so important, and the paying it forward/giving back what separates the “takers” and “givers”. This concept of “paying it forward” is what differentiates people. …