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Early bird gets the worm – career and financial success

While every person is different, there have been multiple studies completed and there have also been real life surveys done that support the idea that the early bird really does get the worm! There are countless studies that show how CEOs, executives, self-made millionaires or billionaires and other successful people rise early. I also am a strong believer in this concept and fall into the example(s) above of self-made, entrepreneur, etc.. We also asked for feedback from our forum, and the consensus of our readers is that they prefer to, …

Breast cancer awareness month – Impact on low income and uninsured women

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, also referred to as BCAM. It is estimated that 12 to 13% of women will get breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. While this disease impacts tens of millions of women at some point in their life, unfortunately lower income and uninsured women are impacted to a much greater extent.