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Are you a low income family struggling to pay bank overdraft fees?

On the face of it, if your bank offers you an overdraft protection option (or facility), it’s nothing but good news, but it does come with risks. On the positive, a low income family will have something other than a credit card or high interest loan to depend on when money gets tight. The overdraft protection can help you save face or give you extra money when you need to cover essential expenses.

Find financial help in the wake of Hurricane Florence

Find information on assistance programs as well as disaster relief programs from charities as well as government agencies that may help the millions of people who are impacted by Hurricane Florence. With this major storm hitting North and South Carolina as well as impacting parts of Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and/or Maryland, there are many charities and government resources listed below for free food, shelter, financial help for paying bills, medical supplies, and other support. Florence impacted millions of Americans, but in particular low income to moderate income families, many of them who …

No win situations

No win situations can happen in the business world, when you go to work on a daily basis, in your personal life or really at anytime. There are many names for this type of scenario, such as lose – lose, “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”, choosing between the lesser of two evils and more. The point being no matter what action you take, you will always “lose” or you can’t come out of it the same…no way ahead.