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Why Emotional Intelligence Makes a Difference

Emotional intelligence, also called EQ, is so important in life, both in personal relationships and for career growth. Having developed EQ can lead to career success and higher incomes. There are several types of intelligence. Most people are familiar with the kind involving academic prowess, logic, and reasoning. While those are often important in the business world, to be truly intelligent, however, you need a combination of various aptitudes including calmness, creativity, self-control and people-related skills. This is known as EQ, or emotional intelligence. The greatest amount of career success (and …

Live life and retire – “Fat” FIRE – Financial Independence Retire Early

Updated 10/21/18. The NY times recently had an article on the FIRE concept (otherwise known as Financial Independence Retire Early), and that article gave this post additional traffic/publicity. There has also been tons of controversy on this, with financial guru Suze Orman saying that 5 million is needed to retire, which we agree about. To those questions, etc. we received from FIRE “followers” who picked up this post as well as the NY Times story, we have made a few updates.

Hurricane Michael financial assistance programs

Find charities, government assistance programs, home repair services and financial resources that are available for families impacted by Hurricane Michael. There are also programs to help families recover from this natural disaster. There are many resources offered, ranging from financial assistance programs for paying bills, disaster relief services, free items such as food, home repair programs and more. The agencies are focused on helping residents in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina as well as other states.