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Instill in children value and respect of money

Many things in life are learned at a young age. We at needhelppayingbills think it is critical to teach kids the value of money and how to respect it. If someone were to start off life with a strong understanding of finances, including the value of money (earning, saving and spending it), we think those skills are a very important stepping stone so that the child has a better chance of being financially successful in the future. (See the picture of my nephew above!)

Life is made up of choices

Every day every single human being has to make choices. They can be financial in nature, having to deal with interpersonal relationships, and really anything. Some choices (decisions) are smaller, such as what to eat for breakfast, how much money to save that day or what to wear to work/school. Other choices are major, and can be life changing. My recent life experiences reinforced this concept, and a book I read also “brought” the fact that life is made up of choices back to the front of my mind. Even …