Monthly Archives: April 2018

Men are not working and on government assistance

Only 70% of men are in the workforce (or seeking a job) as of 2017, and that is down from 87% in 1948 and it is also down from the high 70 to low 80% range from before the great recession. While fewer males are working, an even higher percentage then ever are now enrolled into some form of government assistance or welfare type program. The percent of prime age males in the labor force has also been decreasing for decades.

Gender income and career discrepancy

There is a tremendous difference in what men and women are paid in this country, and not only that, but males dominate many of the managerial positions at companies of all types and sizes. This gender discrepancy is also true in that males hold the majority “power positions” in politics, executive boardrooms as well as CEO positions, and so many other roles. It is terribly unfortunate, even more so for those women who are struggling to provide for their families.

Auto vs. health insurance and personal responsibility

Health insurance in effect allows people to live as much of an unhealthy and “dangerous” lifestyle as they want without having a financial impact in the form of higher monthly premiums. Now compare that to an auto insurance policy, in which if you speed, get tickets, or live a “dangerous” lifestyle your monthly premium can skyrocket. Why is this?