Monthly Archives: April 2018

Life events and challenges

No matter how much or how little money you make, or what your assets may or may not be, life will almost always throw a curve ball at you. Life events can come in countless forms. There are separations, health care issues, death of loved ones, divorces, children passing away, frauds, illnesses, natural disasters or events such as fires, and many other challenges can come up. Life has a way of surprising you, but you just got have get back up and stay in the fight.

Illusions and lies

There are some people who put out fake fronts or shall we call it illusions. Over the years we have noticed some of this at needhelppayingbills and I have faced it in other aspects of my life as well. We did write an article on fake fronts people put up implying they have money, income or are wealthy, but there are also many other examples of illusions being carried on for an extended period of time.

Professional vs. personal life

While I have read about this over the years, and I think I intuitively knew this, the fact is professional success does not lead to a better personal life or more happiness. In fact the opposite is generally true, in that success can often bread unhappiness and to make the issue even more confusing, sometimes being happy first can lead to future professional success. I have learned more about this concept over the last several months both by living it, reading on the topic and getting feedback from professionals.