Monthly Archives: April 2018

Section 8 HUD rent contributions may increase

Approximately 2 million HUD section 8 voucher recipients may have their monthly rental costs increased if the department of HUD gets its way from a new 2018 proposal known as The Making Affordable Housing Work Act. The federal government agency, and the Republican administration, would require able bodied adults to pay more money each month for their rental units. There would be two big changes as indicated below.

Equal Pay month for women? – not so fast.

For those who missed it, equal pay day was April 10th, 2018 this year. It is a nationally recognized day, but it is not one to celebrate but rather to really be upset about because it really should not be the case, as the date is about inequality. What the day signifies is that it took women (using median wages) until April 10, 2008 to make the same wages as men made the previous year ending December 31, 2007. So, women needed to work over 3 months more than men …