Monthly Archives: March 2018

21.2% disabled people live in poverty

If you are disabled then you are much more likely to be living in poverty. Their household income is lower, many households have a strong dependence on SSI or SSDI for a large percentage of their income, and a number of people with a disability do not work. All of those factors present a major challenge as reflected in the data, which shows the poverty rate is about 21.2% for those that disabled and are a working age. If you look at the entire US population, the nation’s poverty rate …

Live a simple life

While some people may think it is hard to live simply in today’s day and age, we are a big believer in living a simple life. We also think it does not need to be that hard to do, as long as you have the strength to do your own thing, not give into peer or societal pressure and maybe most importantly, the ability to say no. Life amounts to choices and decisions you make, and people can decide to either make things complicated or simple.