Enroll now for 2017 Christmas toy programs

Heads up…anyone who is seeking help in obtaining toys for their kid(s) during the 2017 Christmas season should be sure to seek out and/or apply for assistance now. Almost every single program launches at some point in September 2017 or right after. Whether it is the United States Marine Corps Toys for Tots, Angel Tree, Adopt a Family, a free food box, or some other service, applications are accepted now.

Now these programs are only for low income families. In addition to that condition, each one will have some form of application process. They also only support families with younger children, and they normally need to be age 15 or younger. But note some of the services are only for even younger kids.

The demand each year for a toy or a free Christmas gift is very high. Even with the economy firing on all cylinders and the unemployment rate at 10+ year lows, we expect much of the same this year. So, apply as soon as you can for help; as noted most start accepting applications at some point during September 2017.

If you wait on applying then you risk missing out. As the Christmas gift programs are first come and served. One the donations run out then it is too late. So those who wait risk not receiving any support.

What options are available for upcoming 2017 holiday season?

There are literally thousands of charities you can apply at. Not only that, but some companies have programs for their employees. There are also churches that focus on members of a parish, local resources for say people that live in a certain neighborhood, programs for people impacted by a hurricane and much more. There are countless options. Find a comprehensive list of free Christmas gifts for kids, which will be more national organizations.

That being said, we will talk here bout some of the more well-known ones. One of the most common places low income families turn to is the Salvation Army, and they start taking applications anywhere from August to October 2017. They offer 3 main services, and they are Angel Tree, free Christmas meals, and Adopt a Family.

One Christmas toy program that we know that opens up for applications in September 2017 nationwide is Toys for Tots. This is coordinated by the Marine Corps, who have a local representative. This person then works with charities on collecting donated toys, clothes, and more. After the collection phase has been completed, the distribution occurs. The 2017 program will have an age limit of 13, and read more Toys for Tots.

But as we noted, there are literally thousands of other charities or groups that offer help at the holidays. Some examples include fire or police stations, churches, neighborhood associations, corporations, St. Vince De Paul, the Assistance League, and many others. Find a listing of local Christmas assistance programs.

Each one will have an application process as well. While the terms and conditions will vary, we tend to see many of them open in September or October 2017 for enrollment. While much rarer, some of them may run all the way up through early December 2017, but the “pickings” of what gifts are left may be slim.

Donations are always needed too. Or volunteer to help. The Salvation Army Christmas programs would not exist with donations. Neither would Toys for Tots. If you can donate, or volunteer to say wrap gifts, then you can do that at anytime up through December 2017. It is never too late to give back to the children from less fortunate families.

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