Monthly Archives: July 2016

33% of men not in the 2016 labor force live in poverty

While the unemployment rate is now under 5%, which many economists consider to be full employment, there are still many people who have not come back to the labor force. The participation rate of men aged 25-54 is particular alarming in that only 88% of them are employed or seeking a job, and the trend of male participation continues to be downward. Of those who have dropped out, 1/3 of them are now living in poverty. This percentage of workforce participation is down from 98% of them holding a job …

Democrats propose a $15 per hour minimum wage

In what may be a piece of good news for the roughly 3 million people that currently earn the bare minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, the Democratic Party will be endorsing a $15 an-hour wage at their July 2016 convention. This means that their “platform” will be setting that level as a goal for their party. If this increase ever does go into effect than anywhere from 3 to 15 million low income households will be earning more money at their jobs each week.