What to say to reduce your credit card interest rates

What do you say and how do you ask for a lower credit card interest rate? Here are several scripts that you can use when asking your credit card company or other creditors for lower interest rates on your credit card debt or other debts.

If you want to try to negotiate your debt, and not just the interest rates, here are some ways to do try that. More.

#1) I was just about to sign up for a new credit card at the Bank of  _______ website. Before I did this though, I thought I would call you and ask you for a lower interest rate before signing up. If you don't give me that reduced, competing interest rate today I will transfer my balance from your credit card to theirs as soon as I hang up the phone with you as they are giving me a lower rate. What can you do for me?

#2) I have just reviewed the websites of several of your competitors. Some of the sites I looked at were for the ______ Bank and ______ Bank. They are offering a _____ % interest rate on purchases, which is a significant _____ points lower than what I'm paying on my credit card debts and bills with you right now, and not sure how you can do that. Are you willing to match that reduced interest rate?

#3) I am calling to request that you reduce my current interest rate on my debt of  _____  to  _____  so that it is in line and compares with what is available right now in the current market. I feel this is a fair interest rate on my credit card since at least three major credit card issuers, such as _________, _________, and _________ are offering this rate right now to new customers like me.





#4) I visited your website and happened to notice that you are offering a reduced interest rate of ____ percent to attract new customers. I am not being treated fairly. I have been an excellent customer of yours for __ years and the only thing I am asking for is I would like to receive the same interest rate being offered to new customers.

#5) I have read recent articles about forbearance programs and how they can reduce interest rates or waive fees. How can I participate in these programs?

#6) If you decide to pursue a hardship program, which is you basically stating you can’t afford the monthly payments and need some assistance, there are steps to follow that can make this process successful. Click here to learn more about how to enter into a credit card hardship program.









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