Tuscarawas County assistance programs.

Find how to get help from the local community action agency as well as other charities and non-profits.

The HARCATUS Tri-County Community Action Organization offers low income families the following services. The primary goal of the agency is to provide short term financial assistance, and ensure people become self-sufficient over the long term.

  • Utility bill help : There are two main components, the Summer Cooling Program (SCP) as well as the Winter Crisis Program (WCP). The Winter program provides financial assistance and funding to qualified low income households that are threatened with disconnection of their primary heating source. Also, if you have already had your electric and/or gas service disconnected, or have less than a ten day supply of bulk fuel to heat your home (such as propane, coal, fuel oil or wood) you can also receive aid. The second option is the Summer Cooling Program (SCP), which was created to provide cooling appliances (such as fans or air conditioners) &/or a minimum payment on an utility or electric bill for low to moderate income applicants. The individual needs to have a physician’s written communication stating that someone in the household has a respiratory disease in order to receive aid.
  • Summer assistance - The disabled and families with a member who is 60 years of age or older can get financial assistance during the summer. Programs can help pay air conditioning bills, or distribute a free fan to the needy. Click here for more details.
  • Weatherization program : The Home Weatherization Assistance Program helps people reduce their energy and heating bills. The program is one of Ohio's Energy Efficiency Programs that is currently available to help low income families and individuals use less energy while increasing the comfort of their homes. It is free to qualified applicants.
  • Help for evictions and foreclosures - Tuscarawas Ohio residents can receive either counseling or maybe a cash grants to apply towards back rent. They offer many services and partnerships, including with the National Foreclosure Mitigation organization and others.
  • Additional programs - They range from a food pantry to congregate meals for seniors and the elderly. Or call the non-profit for information on job training, credit counseling, and referrals.

Contact HARCATUS Tri-County Community Action Organization, which is located in New Philadelphia, at (740) 922-0933. Learn more.





Free foreclosure counseling, debt assistance, and bankruptcy advice

Consumer Credit Counseling Services of the Midwest (CCCS) offers numerous debt, mortgage, housing, and bankruptcy programs.

  • Foreclosure assistance: The CCCS non-profit agency offers confidential housing and mortgage counseling to help homeowners understand their housing options and they will provide them with advice for how to deal with housing issues. It doesn’t matter if the homeowner is just beginning to get behind on their monthly payments, or if they are more seriously delinquent or behind, trained housing and mortgage counselors can either meet with you in person or by phone. They can negotiate with your lender, and discuss all programs and options available to you.
  • Debt management: Many people are struggling with debt payment. CCCS can provide help. Learn about debt management plans, and how they can help. Also, explore the pros and cons of debt settlement. Most of the options provided are low cost to consumers.




Emergency financial support in Tuscarawas County

The Salvation Army may be able to help here. Phone number is (330) 364-3811. They offer several resources, including emergency housing, rent, and possibly mortgage assistance, food pantry, access to a soup kitchen, clothing pantry, and utility bill assistance.

Free legal representation

Southeastern Ohio Legal Services gives free legal help (no attorney fees!) to low income individuals and others who can’t afford a lawyer. They help with different types of issues, including housing and foreclosures, domestic issues, child custody, divorces, utilities, and consumer debt and credit issues. You can dial the law firm at (330) 339-3998, or click here to read more about the services.

Help finding a job

The Employment Source helps families in northwest Ohio find a job and improve their skills. The organization provides services and resources for adults to help them find a job. It is a free program that is made possible to residents through funds provided by the U.S. Department of Labor. get access to computers and equipment, advice on how to research and find jobs, and resume review services. The program also works with local employers to try to place as many job seekers as possible into new opportunities. Call the agency at (330) 364-9777.









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