Tennessee drug assistance programs.

Cover Rx

This prescription drug discount assistance program was initiated in 2007 in Tennessee. Savings and assistance can be had for any drug that is not on the CoverRx formulary. In particular, Tennessee residents can receive the most benefit from the program by using generic drugs, which are reimbursed for by the state on a sliding scale. You can’t have any existing drug insurance to be eligible for assistance from the state and income guidelines also apply. Patients can receive affordable access to almost 300 generic medications. In addition to that, there are some name brand medications, insulin, and specialty products available from CoverRx. Some items and medications that can assist with mental health issues can also be covered.

Some of the qualifications include the applicant needs to be under the age of 64, a US citizen, or a qualified immigrant. Their household income also needs to be at or below 250% of federal government poverty levels, and the applicant can’t have an existing insurance coverage for medications.

While this is not a health insurance plan, and there are no premiums due from enrollees, the program still offers tremendous savings. Prescriptions can be had for as little as $3, however the exact amount will depend on the medication as well as other factors, such as the applicants income.

Tennessee Prescription Discount Card

In addition to above, many counties in Tennessee offer a prescription discount card that can help people save about 25% on their medicines. Counties that offer the card as of April include Anderson County, Carter County, Hamilton County, Hickman County, Jefferson County, Lauderdale County, Lincoln County, Marshall County, McNairy County, Obion County, Putnam County, Scott County, Washington County, and White County. Additional towns, cities, and counties in Tennessee are being added monthly.





The program is run in partnership with Caremark and NACo, and hundreds of pharmacies across the state of Tennessee accept the card and provide substantial savings. The card is free to receive and use, and easy to sign up for. No extensive forms need to be complete in order to sign up. To get more details on the discount card or to apply, call 800-726-4232 or inquire at your local pharmacy.

Medications for Kids and Teenagers

Children and teenagers who are age 18 or under can receive medical care from Tennessee CoverKids. This statewide resource provides free, fully comprehensive insurance to qualified residents under the age of 18. While the program does provide a number of benefits, including preventive health services, well-child visits and coverage for physician services, part of what is offered is saving on prescription medications. While there will usually be some form of fee or low cost co pay due, in general most medical services and prescription drugs are covered as part of this state program.

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