Sumter County South Carolina assistance programs.

Debt management

If you are struggling with paying your debts and bills, Family Service Center of South Carolina (phone number 803-733-5450) can help with that as well. They have counselors on location who will meet with Sumter County residents to review their financial situations. They can advise them on debt management plans, as well as credit card hardship programs.

Legal assistance programs

If you can’t afford to pay for legal aid, S.C. Centers for Equal Justice provides individuals with no cost legal advise and assistance. Click here to find more information on South Carolina legal assistance.

Clients can contact the non-profit law firm to discuss civil legal cases, and learn how to get help with a variety of legal issues, including foreclosures, utility service disconnections, consumer debt issues, and help with government assistance programs.




Food assistance in Sumter County

The Samaritan House, which has a distribution point in Sumter South Carolina, is a place people can turn to for free food, and to learn about where to access a food pantry at. They partner with other local charities and non-profit organizations. Dial (803) 775-0024.

Foreclosure counseling and prevention advice

Receive foreclosure counseling from a National Foundation for Credit Counseling approved organization. Family Service Center of South Carolina is the place to go to. They can help you avoid a foreclosure, or stop one if it is in progress. Counselors will work one on one with you and they will help you communicate with your bank or lenders. They will go over your options, and help you understand the alternatives to foreclosure that you may have. In addition, they can help you establish savings and payment plans for your unique situation which will help you get back on your feet. 803-733-5450





Another organization that can provide mortgage and foreclosure help is the local community action agency, Wateree Community Actions, Inc. They have staff who will contact your mortgage lender and mediate a solution that works for both parties. Of course the goal is to provide a solution to your housing crisis. Dial (803) 775-4354, or click here to learn more on South Carolina foreclosure programs.

General emergency assistance program

Wateree Community Actions, Inc. also offers a variety of general programs that can help people pay for everyday expenses and bills. Emergency services are available to families and individuals to provide them assistance for paying for food, rent, cooling, heating, and electric bills, and even some limited funding to make a mortgage payment.

Project SHARE is another utility program that the community action agency can refer people to. The assistance is provided directly by your utility company (Duke Power or South Carolina Electric and Gas) but SHARE does provide funding to people in need to prevent a service disconnection.

Referrals and linkage to regional non-profits and government benefits are available from the WCAI community action agency. Case managers can direct qualified low income families to resources such as Head Start, food stamps applications, or advise on other public aid in Sumter County. The focus is on solving the short term crisis while addressing the underlying cause of the client’s hardship.

Call the agency at (803) 775-4354 to learn more about these assistance programs. Click here.

Churches in the Midlands also offer Social Services. Most of the assistance programs are for those that are out of options. Churches work with low income families on housing and nutritional needs. Case management may provide information on benefits such as low income housing or food stamps. Other aid is available too. Read Midland church programs.




The Sumter Salvation Army operates from an office at 16 Kendrick St., Sumter, South Carolina 29150, call (803) 775-9336. The non-profit provides prescription expense assistance, housing (including rent and mortgage), furniture, clothes closet, firewood, and utility/cooling bill assistance.

Adult and youth employment

Watertree (contact information above) can also help people find a job either find a job, or increase their earnings potential by improving their skills. Both teenagers and older adults may qualify.




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