San Antonio Society of St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs.

Low-income individuals and families, who meet qualifications, can call upon the San Antonio St. Vincent de Paul for assistance. Some of the programs administered include food, Project Cool, and the Community Assistance Program. Thousands of people across Bexar County Texas benefit from one or more of these services every month.

Operation Food Pantry is run in a partnership between 75 conferences/churches and The Society of St. Vincent de Paul. In past years, such as 2011, almost two million individual cases were fulfilled by the Operation Food Pantry program. Some of what can be provided includes free or low cost emergency food boxes, work or school clothing, meals, and other assistance. Almost all of these resources are provided at no cost to qualified individuals from this food "co-op" program. Special holiday meals may be distributed too.

Limited financial assistance, referrals, and other aid is offered from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul San Antonio Community Assistance Program. This resource was created to help brothers and sisters who find themselves in some form of short term financial hardship or crisis. Provided an applicant meets program qualifications, and if the program is funded, then limited amounts of financial assistance will be provided for expenses such as medications, utility bills, rent/mortgage, and funeral arrangements and costs. This emergency program is limited to very low-income individuals and families as outlined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and their guidelines.

The Vincentians that are part of this organization are dedicated and strongly committed to their vocation. They train extensively under The Rule and The Manual, and adhere and follow the guidelines as set forth by their founders and the national organization. They use a direct approach to service the needy and low income through home visits, and they require knowledge and passion. The churches and members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul become more than a resource for “brothers and sisters” across Bexar County. The charity will help them gain self-sufficiency, and support them through difficult times. Call 210.225.7887 for information or assistance.

The Summer Food Service Program is a new service that is available at several sites across Bexar County. As the name implies, it operates during the summer. Through this food assistance program, St. Vincent will provide free summer meals and food items to income qualified children who would otherwise receive a free or reduced priced lunch through the National School Lunch Program.





Meals are offered to the homeless and very poor from St Vinnys Bistro. This service serves up to three hot meals everyday, 365 days per year. It also provides sack meals and emergency food boxes for Prospects who work off campus. They even make accommodations for people with unique needs, such as serving peanut butter sandwiches for those who need food with their medications. Over 3000 meals are served per month across the greater San Antonio area.

Free fans are offered in Bexar County from Project Cool. St. Vincent, along with many other groups, is dedicated to eliminating death due to heat-related illnesses in seniors and the elderly. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul collaborates with organizations such as the United Way, the City of San Antonio, local churches, and Catholic Charities to offer free fans to seniors to help them stay cool through the summer months. While funding does vary for this resource, over the last few years several thousand fans have been distributed per year. Eligible applicants must be 60 years of age or older and also meet low income levels. Project Cool will usually operate from June through September.

Referrals and information is provided by Society of St. Vincent de Paul. If you need help with paying bills, rent, medical care, food, or any other needs, dial their call center. It provides information about services offered at their 70+ Conferences as well as other area non-profit agencies in Bexar County. With the help of job trainees, volunteers and other, the society currently answers and routes thousands of calls each month, and will refer people to a program that best meets their needs. Phone 210.225.7887

San Antonio churches and St. Vincent locations

  • 1103 South Frio Street, San Antonio, Texas, phone (210) 225-7837
  • 535 New Laredo Highway, San Antonio, main number (210) 927-3682
  • 10040 Espada Road, San Antonio, TX, (210) 627-9883
  • 4222 SW Loop 410, San Antonio, dial (210) 674-1200
  • 700 Dewhurst Road, San Antonio, Texas, (210) 308-8743
  • 4503 South Flores Street, San Antonio, TX, call (210) 533-7334
  • 401 Cedarhurst Drive, San Antonio, (210) 674-5861
  • 3814 Nash Boulevard, San Antonio, Texas, primary phone (210) 333-6077







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