Peoria County area Catholic Charity assistance programs.

The resources from Catholic Charities are limited, but are wide ranging. Funding levels can change over the course of a year, but the charity, and its partner churches and ministries, provide everything from food to emergency financial assistance to clothing and holiday presents. The focus is on the working poor and low income in Peoria and nearby Tazewell County.

Case management services, which includes guidance and one on one support, will help clients identify the root causes of their problems in order to provide the support they need to move forward. Staff or volunteers from Catholic Charities address daily needs by referring clients to community resources across Peoria County even the state of Illinois.

These resources include programs that offer financial aid for bills, care coordination, transportation, rent help, nursing services and free meals. Clients also acquire, maintain and enhance daily living skills to foster independence through group and individual activities, community involvement, socialization and educational programs. In addition, those who seek help from Catholic Charities work with case managers to establish short- and long-term goals, and the staff assist clients in accomplishing those objectives.

The Diocese of Peoria Catholic Charities collaborates with other non-profit charities and churches to serve low-income, unemployed and disabled individuals. Persons living on fixed income or limited government assistance, such as SSI, are also eligible to receive support services through this collaboration.

A main goal is homeless prevention. The charity and its partners aim to keep families in their homes and help them with daily needs, with an emphasis on preventing crisis situations from becoming worse. As such, this collaboration assists individuals with back rent and utility bill payments. In some cases the churches and volunteers will provide transportation and case management services to a job or maybe the hospital for a senior. Catholic Charities will always intend to guide clients toward self-sufficiency.

Another service is assistance for homeless individuals. They can get meals, blankets, emergency groceries, and more. They can sign up for prepared meals too. Many volunteers will also guide the recipient to case management services or maybe a nearby shelter.




Catholic Charities of Peoria Food Pantry and soup kitchen offers free food to needy individuals and families. Many people from the region make use of the pantry because of unforeseen crises, illnesses, job losses or accidents.

At the center, the church or charity organization will allow clients to choose food according to their preference and offers volunteer personal shopping assistants. Families from Peoria that qualify for help can obtain groceries from the pantry once per month, and the number of persons living in a home determines the amount of food that can be provided to each household.

St. Joseph Furniture Bank will provide household items, often in partnership with the food pantries noted above. This can range from cribs to beds and other critical furniture. The items are generally sold at a low price, but some vouchers for free goods may be available.

Individuals and families who are overdue on electric, heating or gas bills and rent payments can turn to Catholic Charities of Tazewell and Peoria for financial assistance. This is occasionally available, based on the amount of donations and government grants.

For those that qualify, and based on funding, the agency can provide this support once per year to help prevent homelessness or evictions. Clients must call Catholic Charities to schedule an appointment. The organization notes that financial assistance paid out, or a loan offered to an applicant, is contingent upon need and funding availability.

The agency provides free gasoline vouchers to someone make it to a job site if their car broke down. Or there may be help for the disabled and ill individuals in Peoria to go doctor appointments. While they are very rarely offered, the gas vouchers are also offered to recently employed individuals who need to drive to work and lack money. This service is available until such individuals are paid.





Affordable adult care services are available through Catholic Charities or its partner agency on aging as well. These services are designed to help disabled adults and senior citizens maintain independence. The goal is to allow the senior citizen to remain in their home, or provide respite to their care giver.

Catholic Charities Diocese of Peoria Good Samaritan helps the elderly and senior citizens. They can be provided a free meal, or transportation to a medical appointment. There will also be recreational activities held for the individual.

The St. Gianna Baby Pantry offers items for pregnant mothers and newborns. It ranges from formula to free diapers, and the ministry can also support single moms in the region of Peoria as well.

Catholic Charities of Peoria also operates a Christmas Caring service that provides holiday food assistance to needy families. Qualified families are given free holiday meal boxes and customized winter goods. While there may be some toys from churches, in general, the agency notes that families who cannot afford toys for the holidays should contact Salvation Army or other local agencies for these items.

There are a few number to try for help. They include (309) 636-8012, or call (309)636-8004 or (309) 636-8000. The churches do their best to help the less fortunate.







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